As the World Turns Campaign Targets DirecTV

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As the World TurnsSoapdom has just learned that it is quite possible that DirecTV may be interested in airing As the World Turns after the soap is canceled on CBS. The Facebook Group, "We Won't Give Up on As the World Turns" sent out a message to their members that an As the World Turns fan wrote to DirecTV and got a reply. According to the missive, DirecTV said:

"...they might consider picking up the series and they said that if enough fans e-mail them they might pick it up. Go to the link to contact DirecTV to pick up the show. I, and other fans I have heard from, have tried contacting other Broadcast television networks and even cable networks, but no replies from them or either they said they did not want to pick up the series. DirecTV is the only positive reply I and other fans got about picking up As The World Turns."

Tonya, the adminstrator of the "We Won't Give Up on As the World Turns" group adds:

"So to sum up, we're writing to DirecTV this week!


For Letters/Postcards:

Customer Service
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write. An email is quick and efficient, and if you're reading this message, then you can do it.

I encourage you to write from the 25th until the 31st, but you're more than welcome to write from beyond then. We need to really all flood them with our efforts to make ourselves visible. The show isn't done filming until June/July. We still have time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week,

This would not be the first time that DirecTV stepped up to the plate and picked up soap opera after it had been canceled by the network. In 2007, DirecTV began airing Passions and kept the show on the air for an additional year after NBC had pulled the plug.

Soapdom cannot confirm if DirecTV did in fact share this information, but showing your support in mass for As the World Turns certainly cannot hurt. Go for it!