Posh Tea 2005

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Host of the Posh Tea, Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) is giddy with jewels from the Sossi Collection.

Y&R's Judith Chapman is the luckiest girl of the day! She was the winner of a 14K white gold pink topaz and diamond ring valued at $500.
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS), Sossi of The Sossi Collection, Judith Chapman (Gloria, Y&R) and Lauren Woodland

Julie, from POSH by A+A+2™ the company that supplied today's great t-shirts, with host Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL)

The poster that decked the sidewalk in front of Doug Arango's Restaurant on Melrose in honor of the Posh Tea.

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, DOOL) arrives on the Green Carpet -- green in honor of St. Patrick's Day -- wearing her Lucky T.

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, DOOL) shows off her Posh T.

Modeling the Lucky T!
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PAS), Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL), Rene Jones (Lexie, DOOL) and Julie Pinson (Billie, DOOL)

The Tea begins.

Please pass the crumpets...

Host Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) with Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, DOOL)

Host Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) and Lauren Woodland (Brittany, Y&R)

Host Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) and Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia, DOOL)

Martha Madison (Belle, DOOL) and Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia, DOOL)

Juliet Mills (Tabitha, PAS) who commented:
"This tea is better than those I've been to at Buckingham Palace!"

Amelia Marshall (Liz, Passions) is feelin' lucky!

Lauren Woodland (Brittany, Y&R), Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, DOOL)