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Topher Grace (Pete) and Kate Bosworth (Roselee) have just finished seeing a romantic Tad Hamilton film.

Out in Hollywood, Tad meets with his agent and manager.  Sean Hayes (Richard Levy), Josh Duhamel (Tad Hamilton) and Nathan Lane (the other Richard Levy)

The purpose of the meeting?  Tad was caught boozing and smoozing by the tabloids. The idea to clean up his image is born.  (Josh Duhamel, Tad and Nathan Lane, Richard Levy).

While down in Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia, grocery store manager, Pete Monash, keeps abreast of the latest in breaking grocery news. (Topher Grace).

Star struck Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) and her best friend Kathy (Gennifer Goodwin), two grocery store clerks who can't help but moon over Tad Hamilton.  When they see a contest on the internet to "win a date" with the mega movie star, Rosie enters.

Pete is not so sure about Rosie's crush on Tad Hamilton but basically goes along with her entering the contest.

Then, on the way home to Rosie's house after a night out as friends, Rosie, Kathy and Pete see a commontion going on at Rosie's.  Could it be?  Is it possible?  Yes!  Rosie has won the Win a Date with Tad Hamilton contest!

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