Photo Gallery ~ AMC's Cameron Mathison in Bed with Fans

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Photos © 2004 Janet Mayer
All Rights Reserved


Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) arrives at the Select Comfort store on Broadway at W72nd Street after a hard day at the studio.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) posing for a few quick photos before taking on the task at hand.  Cuddling with fans on the beds!  All for charity.

The ribbon cutting ceremony.

Getting ready for the onslaught of femmes...

...not to mention a few kids who had to get into the act!

Mathison signs a few autographs...

...takes a brief libation break...

...and then, signs a few more!

Doesn't he look too adorable? And this after a hard day at the studio and then, workting this event.   All we can say is those 100 or so fans who got to share the bed with Mathison will have something to dream about for quite some time!

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