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Home Features Legacy Galleries irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week of 9-26-0

irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week of 9-26-0

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Don’t forget our regular Sneak Peeks and Sneakier Peeks. Start here with AMC

All My Children…

The week proves dire for Julia. When she goes to face off with the man she thinks is Noah’s killer, he tricks her.  Instead of agreeing to help her, he takes her hostage!  And guess what? In a not so surprising turn of events, Julia’s only hope for survival is Di.  Does Di step up to help Julia?  Will Garret allow Di to even see Julia?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we will share this.  What started out to be an adversarial relationship between these two women, may turn out to become a strong alliance.  In the meantime, Krystal makes a revealing admission to Babe.  It seems that the marriage to Adam was something Krystal planned all along so that Babe could get more access to her son.  Then, in true devious Dave fashion, Babe’s dad sticks his two cents into the mix and almost causes the plan to blow up in everyone’s face.  Babe is furious at her father.  Will things get smoothed over?  And as you know, Kendall had the impregnation procedure done last week. But when Greenlee finds out that Kendall went ahead without her, Greens is going to be less than happy.  Naturally, Kendall is immediately put on the defensive. Can these two friends overcome this situation for the good of the baby-to-be?  Speaking of Kendall, Greenlee is not the only one who is on her case this week.  Erica finds out that Kendall was at the clinic. Will Doc Madden tell Erica the whole truth and nothing but about why her daughter was there?  Can Erica handle the truth?  While on the other side of town, Josh makes a shocking admission to Dani. To what does he confess? How will she react to his coming clean?  And at the same time, Di’s life could definitely be in danger.  The Dragon threatens her safety. Is she right to fear him?  One sure way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week!

As the World Turns…

Paul is surely relieved when Jennifer affirms that she no longer thinks her baby is alive.  But is Jennifer lying just to get Paul off her case? Will Paul really leave the matter alone now?  In the meantime, Jack takes a big risk in order to protect Carly.  This must have something to do with the baby.  Why is Carly in danger?  Has someone squeaked that she may have used unethical and illegal methods to secure custody of the baby?  All the while, things are really starting to get interesting in Mexico.  First, Luke escapes his kidnappers on his own – but is he able to find his parents who have been searching for him?  Well, if he does find them, he may be surprised to see what they are doing…Holden and Lily make love.  Has their search for Luke brought them back together?  And finally, an entrepreneur named BJ has big plans for Katie.  Why is he so interested in her?  Should Katie be wary of this BJ character?  Don’t miss As the World Turns this week!

Bold and the Beautiful…

You’ll want to be sure and tune into B&B this week to see the hot chemistry between Dante and Brooke!  The real heat builds when Dante opts to join Brooke in the shower.  Wait, wasn’t Brooke supposed to be the one seducing Dante?  Who knows what Dante’s motives are?  Well, maybe he has just fallen for the irresistibly charming Brooke like so many men before him.  Then, Brooke gets even more action, but this kind probably isn’t quite as much fun – she and Stephanie have a showdown.  That’s right, the war between these two is still going.  What exactly is Stephanie critiquing Brooke for this time?  Meanwhile, things are looking up for Ridge and Taylor.  Having endured several unexpected tensions and distractions to their relationship, they finally decide that they will work together to salvage their love and their family.  Won’t their children be happy about that!?!  See it all unfold on the Bold and the Beautiful this week!

Days of our Lives…

It should come as no surprise that Bo and Hope enjoy a romantic evening together this week.  This time, however, they are on The Fancy Face III – isn’t that exciting!?!  Elsewhere, in a less pleasant setting, Maggie and Bonnie raise their fists again.  Who will make the knock out punch?  Will these two realize that their cat fights don’t really resolve anything?  Then, across town, Mimi and Shawn have an interesting dinner at Chez Rouge.  Mickey mistakes them for a romantic couple and treats them as such – will Mimi and Shawn object to this misconception?  Or will they enjoy it?  Furthermore, Mimi and Shawn are linked once again when Belle and Philip ask them to be the baby’s godparents.  Will Mimi and Shawn willingly accept the honorable invitation?  Why wouldn’t they?  Find out this week on Days of Our Lives!

General Hospital…

Lucky and Elizabeth and baby Cameron grow closer, but is their happiness to be short lived?  Will they be able to cope with the miscarriage?  At the same time, Sonny has encounters with just about everyone.  What are his dealings with Max?  Why is he talking with Emily?  Does he trust Lainey or not?  And how is he dealing with Reese now?  Does all of this have to do with Carly’s current very delicate condition?   One thing is certain.  Sonny is feeling the pressure from all sides.  He’s lost the services of his right-hand hit man, Jason; Carly is sinking deeper and deeper into her own oblivion; and, Ric has set himself up as a marked man.  Can Sonny hold it together?  Speaking of Ric, he and Reese have a heart to heart.  What is the outcome of their discussion?  Are they ready to take their relationship to the next level, or do they pull the reigns on anything further?  Meanwhile, Jason is as determined as ever to leave his former life behind. But will Sonny’s situation cause him to reconsider?  At the same time, when Courtney and Nikolas hear about Elizabeth’s miscarriage, they cut the vacation short and return home. As Nik immediately heads off to see Emily, a sick-to-her stomach Courtney takes a pregnancy test.  But why? She’s not supposed to be able to get pregnant!  What will the pregnancy test reveal?  Meanwhile, Elizabeth encounters Jax.  Do they have a meeting of the minds or are they destined to remain at odds?  Find out when you tune in to General Hospital this week.

Guiding Light…

Now more than ever, Marina is determined to discover who baby Hope’s true parents are.  Is a DNA test necessary?  Does Marina suspect that Michelle is Hope’s mother?  In the meantime, Jeffrey is carrying a heavy secret.  What does he know?  Maybe he has the real scoop on baby Hope.  Will he ever disclose this information?  And then, Sandy has big plans in mind when he buys an engagement ring.  Is he planning to pop the question to Tammy?  Does Tammy share the same level of confidence in their romance?  Speaking of romance, Blake’s new novel comes out in stores this week.  How will it be received?  Will Harley approve of the narrative that is supposedly loosely based on her own personal experience?  And finally, there’s bound to be trouble as Reva and Olivia team up.  What are these two adversaries doing working together?  Keep your eyes peeled on Guiding Light this week to find out!

One Life to Live…

It’s a big week for Nash when he finally finds out that Tess is Jessica Buchanan, sometimes posing as Tess!  He also now knows that Jessica has a twin, Natalie.  Meanwhile, Jessica emerges and tells Tess that they are in a family way!  But who is the daddy?  Antonio or Nash?  Speaking of Antonio, Jess is able to send him an email and asks him to help her.  How long before he comes to her aid?  While on the other side of Llanview, Starr is on to her father.  Once again she will ask him point blank if the baby Margaret is carrying is indeed his child. How will Todd respond to his daughter?  Does he continue to lie about what happened or will he confess to everything – even the rape?  Even the actions he took on the lake?  If he comes clean, how will Starr react?  More importantly, will we find out that he actually did kill Margaret and his unborn child? At the same time, now that Evangeline knows about John and Cristian’s pact, she may feel that one other person needs to be in the loop. That person is Natalie. If Evangeline spills the beans, what will Natalie do?  Does John try to prevent Evangeline from opening up to Natalie?  Here’s what we do know. Cristian will make his first attempt to reach out to Natalie by giving her a gift that Evangeline delivers.  And then, a very pregnant Addie makes her presence known. With whom does she interact and why?  You’ll see when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.


Jessica totally falls for it when Spike sweet talks her back on to the street.  How long will this last?  Will Jessica immediately regret her choices?  In the meantime, Ivy decides she needs to have a serious chat with Kay.  As the two women discuss Fox, will Ivy profoundly change Kay’s mind about him?  As for Chad, he discovers that Whitney is more determined than ever to join the convent.  Knowing her zeal, will he accept that this is the course of life she wants?  Can Chad really say goodbye to his life with Whitney?  Elsewhere, Sheridan agrees to Chris’s offer; the two of them will help bring Luis back home to Harmony.  Speaking of going home, Eve may get to do just that very soon, thanks to Julian.  Having realized how much he is willing to sacrifice for Eve’s freedom, Julian makes a valiant decision.  Surely Eve will be amazed when she learns what he has done.  Plus, Alistair discloses more surprising news and assures his audience that this will change their lives.  What is he saying and to whom?  Tune into Passions this week and you’ll be in the know!

Young and the Restless…

Michael has had it with his evil stepfather and is finally motivated to put an end to Tom.  What does Michael intend to do?  He’s got a plan, but it is dangerous.  Plus, he convinces Ashley to help him execute the scheme.  Can they really do this?  In the meantime, Brad and Victoria are finding more in common than just business.  As their relationship turns into romance, how will this affect their professional partnership?  Plus, Brad has really been hit hard by Cupid – he cannot resist his recent attraction to Sharon.  Will things heat up with Sharon the way they have with Victoria?  Will these two women know that Brad has different interests?  Elsewhere, Sheila is scheming up a storm, which is exactly what she’ll need to get her revenge on Lauren.  With Sheila’s anger having built up for so long, this is surely going to be a terrible plot against Lauren.  Is anyone else involved?  And then, Neil is bothered by Brad’s maneuverings at Newman Enterprises.   Is Neil disturbed enough to change his career? Only one way to find out.  Keep your remote glued to the Young and the Restless this week!

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