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All My Children

Oh, boy!  JR and Dixie come face to face this week.  What will she have to say for herself?  Well it turns out, not much. Why doesn’t she tell her son the reason she’s pretended to be dead for four years?  Whatever her rationale, you can bet JR doesn’t take it very well. What does he do in response to his mother’s silence?  Rumor has it, he starts hitting the bottle again.  How bad will his bender be?  Will anyone be able to get through to him?  Babe will probably try, but first she has to deal with the reason for his alcoholic stupor.  What does she have to say to her mother-in-law?  Well, she’s none too pleased with Dix and lets her have it.  How will JR’s mama respond to Babe’s tongue lashing?  Will she defend herself to JR’s wife, or keep mum?  Elsewhere, Zach tracks Kendall down.  How does he find her?  It looks like Tad and Aidan might have some competition, as Slater does a little detective work of his own to track down the woman he loves.  Creepily enough, Kendall’s been stashed away in the land of fertility.  It seems he comes across her in a resort owned by Greg where several other pregnant women are living.  What does Dr. Madden have planned for all these women and their unborn babies?  We certainly don’t know, but the more pressing question is, will Zach be able to convince Kendall to leave the island?  Moreover, will she accept his offer to come back to him?   Find out what path Kendall decides to take this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

At last, Jennifer sees Dusty!  Fans everywhere will rejoice, but what are the circumstances surrounding the reunion?  Does Emily still pose a threat to them?  What about Paul and Meg? Will they go free now that Dusty has turned up alive?  These are all excellent questions, but all we can tell you is Emily seems to go a little crazy when the walls start to close in on her.  What does she do when a small manhunt is formed to find her?  Understandably, she takes off…wouldn’t you?  So then when does the craziness begin?  We hear through the grapevine she ends up on the cliff’s edge and starts to hallucinate.  What does she see?  Who does she “talk” to and what do they say to her?  Elsewhere, Jack asks Carly to stay the night with him at the farm. Is there a reconciliation involved?  Carly’s certainly hopeful, but is there another reason for Jack’s offer?  It certainly looks that way, as Carly is later seen drinking like a fish at the opening of CRASH.  Why is she drowning her sorrows?  You can probably figure that one out, but will someone be there to help her get home?  Our money’s on the ever trustworthy, Nick, but is this just a recipe for disaster?  To see what trouble Carly gets into this time, you’ll have to visit Oakdale all week on As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

Taylor gives Nick some much sought after info.  What does she tell him? Just how will he react?  Don’t know if it’s related (we think it might be though), but rumor has it, Nick flies into a murderous rage.  What’s got him so furious?  Something Taylor said perhaps?  The more pressing question is who’s his anger directed toward?   Don’t worry, we’ll tell you, it’s none other than his brother Ridge.  But what’s the elder Marone done to make Nick want to kill him? It looks like Ridge has more than one man after him this week.  Who else is on the warpath?  That would be Stephen.  But why does Brooke’s pop threaten him?  What does he warn Ridge against?  As for the lady in question, Brooke has a confrontation of her own.  Who does she face off with?  Since she just gave Nick some pertinent information, could it be Taylor?  If that’s what you thought, then you’d be right.  But are they fighting over the juicy tidbit, or something else?  With all their history, you never know.  Finally, Stephanie comes through for Felicia.  What does she do for her daughter now?  For all your fashion dos and don’ts, turn on The Bold and the Beautiful this week. 

Days of our Lives

Lexie’s at the end of her rope and turns to an unexpected source for comfort.  Who does she turn to?  Actually it’s what, as she drowns her sorrows at Dune.  But once she’s good and drunk will she reveal her secrets?  She just might as she encounters Austin, Carrie and Lucas while intoxicated.  Will she actually spill all to them regarding her little white lie?  At the same time, Hope tells Patrick she’s done with Bo for good and wants no more communication from him.  This can’t possibly be true, but will Patrick try and convince her to change her mind?  Or will he use this to his advantage?  As for Hope’s son, Shawn heads up to Green Mt. Lodge for a little romance with his lovely bride. But will it be the getaway they were hoping for?  Maybe, but it looks like they’ve got some company. Who should go up for a respite at the exact same time?  Coincidentally, Belle and Phillip head up for a little lovin as well.  Will they couples be happy to see each other?  Will Shawn and Belle be able to find an equivalent to the rooftop in order to have their secret tête-à-têtes?  Get your weekly dose of love and betrayal this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Sonny explodes in the aftermath of Jason becoming the top dog in town.  When he learns his life is now in Morgan’s hands, he takes some advice from his brother in order to deal with the situation.  What does Ric have in mind for his arch nemesis?  We hear he advises Sonny to turn Jason in for Escobar’s murder.  Will this plan work in either brother’s favor? It seems not, as in true Port Charles tradition, the charges don’t stick.  So how will Jason retaliate now that he’s free?  Sonny thinks he’ll come after him, so he strikes first.  What does that entail?  Sadly, he puts a hit out on his former hitman.   In the name of Michael Corleone, what’s happened to our favorite couple?! Will Sonny really let the hit go through on Jason’s life?  Thankfully he has a change of heart, but will it be too late?  It looks that way, as someone gets caught in the middle of their war.  Who will pay for Sonny and Jason’s battle?  Watch as lives are changed forever this week on General Hospital.

Guiding Light

It looks like Gus hits rock bottom this week.  What’s the final straw when it comes to his drug addiction?  Whatever it is, it looks like he’s ready to do something about it.  Does he check himself into rehab?  Come on, that’s not Gus’s style as he decides to kick the habit on his own.  What’s his plan of action?  Will it work?  Well, Alan-Michael certainly does his best to make sure it doesn’t.  What does A-M do to sabotage his brother’s attempts at getting clean?  Which Spaulding will come out the victor?  Across town, Lizzie goes to extreme lengths to fudge her date of conception. What does she do?  More importantly, why does she need to lie about when she got pregnant?  Does this mean she’s trying to throw Jonathan off her trail?  The mind staggers at the thought of these two being parents, but moving on…Blake comes on to Jeffrey.  What’s with the bold and unexpected pass?  Will her mayoral opponent give in to her advances?  At the same time, Billy is still upset at the thought of Josh and Reva reconciling for the hundredth time.  Will he get over his disapproval and patch things up with his brother?  It seems so, as Billy agrees to help Josh with a project.  What does Josh want Billy to do for him, and just what does it have to do with their daddy, HB?  Get to the bottom of all these intriguing questions this week when you tune into Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

The day finally arrives, as Tess/Jess goes into labor.  Who will ultimately be the one to give birth?  Apparently a battle of wills ensues, that is until Viki steps in. How does their mother intervene?  Well, since she knows a thing or two about split personalities, she seems to convince the two to work together.  How does that work?  You’ll have to find that out for yourself, but who will be left standing when the delivery is over?  Furthermore, which man in the waiting room will turn out to be the father?  Antonio or Nash?  Across town, Todd sends Blair a tape professing his love and incriminating Spencer in Margaret’s murder. Will Blair be swayed by his statements?  Maybe a little, but Spencer spins things to work in his favor.  How does he do this?  Will he confess his sins to Blair, but only to make it look like he is the victim?  Oh you know he will, but will Blair buy it?  It seems so, as she blows up upon learning David is investigating Spencer. Just think how angry she’ll be when Davy turns up an alive and kickin’ Margaret!  It’s a no flipping week, so keep your remote glued to One Life to Live.


Tabitha conjures up a confrontation between Fox, Miguel and Kay.  What ugliness does she create?  What will the outcome be?  It looks like ole Tabby has a busy week as she must deal with an unwelcome someone later on.  Who shows up?  Why does our favorite witch threaten revenge on her unusual visitor?  Over in Rome, someone watches as Fancy and Noah enjoy their romantic vacation.  Who’s spying on them?  What threat does this person pose for the happy couple?  The mysterious figure isn’t the only one keeping their eye on them as they revel in their joy. Who else is witness to them? Well, it seems as if Whitney is audience to the love that the two share, but how will she process their happiness?  Elsewhere in the Italian paradise, Maya continues to play both sides.  Will this eventually catch up with her?  Probably, but what dangerous situation does she get herself into?  Back home, Endora creates a diversion for Fox. Why does he need the distraction?  What does she conjure up?  On the other side of the tracks, Jessica is rescued from the streets.  Who saves the corpse attracting hooker?  None other than her good friends Paloma and Simone. But just how exactly do they accomplish this?  More importantly, how will Spike react?  Actually, it looks like he might have more pressing things on his mind, as Spike gets a mysterious phone call. Who’s it from?  What dangerous scheme will it lead him to?  Since everyone else is in Rome, can it be too much to conclude the slimy pimp will end up there as well?  Book your travel plans and take off to the land of wine, romance and danger this week on Passions.

Young & the Restless

Daniel stumbles upon the truth about JT and Victoria’s affair.  How does he discover it?  More importantly, will he tell Colleen what he knows?  Over in the boardroom, Jack and Ashley get some good news.  What do they learn? Whatever it is, Jack seems to run with it as he hastily pushes forward, but will it be too much too soon?  Apparently, as his actions seemingly put his family’s business in jeopardy. What does he do to threaten Jabot? You’ll have to watch and see, but we can tell you that Kay and Jill start to question Jack’s leadership abilities.  Do they have a plan of their own to overtake Jabot?  What drastic measures will they take in order to save the company?  On a sad note, the anniversary of Cassie’s death is upon us.  Can’t believe it’s already been a year, but it looks like something good just might come out of the tragic date.  What could that possibly be, you ask?  Well, in their time of need, Nick and Sharon find comfort in each other.  Will they be able to help each other through this difficult time?  Does their grief bring them closer together?  Get out your hankies, it could get emotional this week on The Young and the Restless.

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