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irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 4-10-0

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B&B Photo Gallery

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All My Children

Dixie spills all regarding her baby – but to whom?  It looks like she tells her only true ally—Zach. But what does she tell him?  Just what exactly happened to her daughter?   Most intriguingly, what was Greg’s involvement in the whole ordeal?  All we know for sure is that Tad and Dixie’s child is alive. But where is she?  Later, Dixie overhears Di tell Tad she can’t marry him.  Has guilt gotten the best of Dixie’s sister?  It seems that way, but only for a little while, as Tad uses his considerable charms to change her mind.  As they decide on a summer wedding, Tad has no idea how his life is about to drastically change.  What’s in store for him, besides marrying Di?  For some reason he decides to pay his archenemy David a visit and gets a whole heck of a lot more than he bargained for.  What does he stumble upon while at the devious doc’s cabin? You guessed it!  After months of torture for all of us, Tad and Dixie finally come face to face! What will she have to say for herself?  More importantly, how will he react?  Will he be over the moon or mad as all heck that she let him believe she was dead?  Meanwhile, as Zach tries to get answers from Dr. Madden, he gets a new partner in his fight against Greg.   Who teams up with  him?  That would be the other man in Kendall’s life, Ryan.  But will these rivals be able to put their differences aside in order to get the goods on the sinister doctor?  Set your VCRs, Tivo or whatever else you got, because this is definitely one week of All My Children you do not want to miss.

As the World Turns

Gwen wants to quit her job at the club when she finds out that Barbara arranged it for her.  Babs tries to make nice and convince her not too, but what will Gwen do?  Furthermore, how does Will react to his mother meddling yet again? Will he convince his wife to walk away from a job she likes or tell her to stay?  Elsewhere, Jack serves Carly with separation papers.  Is this just a precursor to a more permanent breakup? Will Carly sign the papers, or does her G-man give her reason to believe they can work things out?  Meanwhile, Mike’s past is exposed this week when the book “Oakdale Confidential” is released.  What’s so shady about his life before coming to Oakdale?  We can’t say, but you can be sure Nick knows what’s up. Will the cousins be able to team up to keep the past…the past?  Or will their cover-up just lead to a new mystery?  It certainly looks that way, as Mike discovers a dead body.  Where does he find it, and who is it?  At the same time, Dusty’s bloody clothes are discovered in Meg’s car.  Where did they come from?  Has something new happened to Dusty? One thing’s for sure, you can bet Emily is involved, but how will Meg get herself out of this one? So many mysteries, so little time!  Get out your detective hats and piece together the clues this week on As the World Turns. 

Bold & the Beautiful

Now that Felicia has returned to the family fold, Bridget fears she’ll lose Dino for good.  Will that be the case?  Maybe, maybe not as Felicia has some surprising news for her little sister.  What does she tell her?  Will it be good or bad news for the younger Forrester?  Elsewhere, Brooke threatens Massimo.  That’s awfully interesting, but why is she attacking her future father-in-law?  Does it have anything to do with Nick?  At the same time, two women return to the City of Angels.  Who makes their reappearance?  We won’t keep you guessing—it’s Megan and Kristen.  What has prompted their return?  How will they affect the rest of the fashion world?  Keep up to date with all of the beautiful people this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

This week finds Sami and Lucas celebrating. What’s the special occasion?  Have they gotten back together?  No, he’s just engaged to her sister!  But why are the exes celebrating his impending marriage to someone else?  Meanwhile, Hope sees something familiar on television.  What does she see?  We hear it’s none other than her husband, Bo.  What’s he doing on the small screen?  More importantly, will it prompt her to take action?  It looks that way, but not the way we’d all hope.  What does she do?  Unfortunately for Bo, she calls Mickey and asks him to draw up divorce papers!  Is what she saw the reason she’s taking such drastic action?  Elsewhere, Marlena remembers everything!  Could it be true?  If it is, how does this happen?  What’s more, will her returned memory last or will Alex find a way to erase her memories of the past yet again?  During all this excitement, it seems two important events occur.  What’s up in Salem?  All we can tell you is there’s a party on the pier and a breaking news story.  Want to know more?  Then visit Salem this week for the lowdown on all things Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

We already know that Jason is heck bent on breaking up Sonny and Emily. But just how far will he go to accomplish this?  In a very aggressive move for Sonny’s “yes” man, Jason actually steals his boss’s business out from under him in an attempt to make Sonny choose between Em and his empire.  Bold move!  But just how exactly does he accomplish this?  Better question—how furious will Sonny be when he finds out?  It’s pretty scary to even think about, but what will Sonny do in retaliation? We don’t know exactly, but our sources tell us he leaves town with Emily.  Why now and where do they go?  All we can tell you is while they’re gone, Jason’s next move will set the scene for the ultimate showdown between the Don and his enforcer.  Just what does Jason do?  More importantly, how will it all play out?  Across town, Noah learns of Patrick’s selfless gesture of donating part of his liver to his dying father. You’d think he’d be grateful to his son, right? Wrong!  What does Noah do in response to Patrick saving his life?  Get this; he sues the hospital for letting it happen!  Not only that, Robin gets suspended for her part in the whole thing.  But Robin’s not done breaking the rules where medicine is concerned. What does she do for an encore?  All we can tell you is it involves saving Patrick’s life.  What’s happened to the self assured doc?  Will Robin be able to come through for him?  Elsewhere, now that Carly knows Nikolas is John’s real father, what will she do with that information?  Since she’s had experience switching paternity tests herself, will she understand Jax’s motives and keep his secret, or will she tell the brooding prince?  It’s gonna be an intense week, so relax while you can, because General Hospital will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

Guiding Light

Gus recognizes Dinah’s resentment of Harley and questions her about it. What does Dinah tell him? Will she spill that his wife and her boyfriend slept together? It seems she’s not ready to let that little nugget out just yet, but she does have plans for the newly reunited couple. What does do to put a crack in their rock solid relationship? Elsewhere, Coop asks Ava to go to Europe with him. Why is he jet setting across the pond? Will she accept?  And how exactly will Lizzie react to this turn of events? Meanwhile, Tammy’s dogged efforts (all of two days) to get Jonathan back seem to pay off when he tells her he does in fact want to be with her.  Now that they’re happy again, will she get her mother to accept their relationship?  She certainly tries when she brings him to Cassie’s house for a family dinner. Will things go smoothly?  Or will Jonathan find a way to screw this up too?  In other couple news, it looks like Reva and Josh prepare to sign their divorce papers.  Will they actually go through with it?  Not if Cassie has anything to say about it!  What does Cassie do to get her sister and brother-in-law back together?  Will it work? All we’ll tell you is you’re not gonna want to miss Wednesday’s special episode this week on Guiding Light!  

One Life to Live

There are big changes in store for lovers everywhere in Lanview. For starters, is something romantic happening between Evangeline and Cristian?  Could be, since he tells Natalie that he’s done trying to get back together with her. Does this mean Cris is ready to take a stab a new relationship? Will he turn to his lawyer for more than legal advice? If he does, will Evangeline reciprocate his advances? And just what about Natalie?  How will she react to Cristian moving on, especially with her one time romantic rival?  It looks like she takes it ok, as she throws herself into helping John dig up info on his dad. Will this lead to the exes getting back together?  That may be rushing things a bit, but let’s just say they definitely grow closer when John needs a shoulder to lean on after he learns some starling things about his pop’s past.  What dark secrets does he uncover regarding his hero of a father?  As for another set of lovers (more like a triangle), Todd confronts Blair and Spencer.  What does he have to say to the woman he loves and the man she’s sleeping with?  All we know is he tries to convince Blair that Spence is the one who killed Margaret.  Will she believe him?  Since Todd’s the one behind bars, probably not.  So what will he do next?  What he does best.  Todd lashes out at someone else.  Who is the recipient of Todd’s ire?  That would be the one who ratted him out—Rex.  What does Todd have in store for the man who got him arrested?  Find out when you get your dose of love and revenge this week on One Life to Live.


Luis is starting to feel better and he’s ready to make his and Sheridan’s nuptials official.  What does he want?  Well, he’s probably ready to consummate the marriage, but what he really wants is for them to have a proper wedding. How will Sheridan get out of this one?  Will she confess all to her true love?  Or will another bombshell drop before she can tell him anything?  Meanwhile, the Dragon Lady gives Noah and Maya their assignment. What do they have to do?  Will they be able to get out of it before anyone gets hurt?  You’ll have to find that one out on your own, but it looks like Noah tries to leave town.  Will he make it past the Harmony border?  Or will someone stop him?  At the same time, Fancy is still in deep depression over Noah. Will she be able to get through her sad time?  Perhaps, as Theresa comes up with a way to cheer up her friend.  What does she have in mind? Will it work?  Elsewhere, as Fox worries about Miguel’s intentions, Miguel makes a heartfelt confession to Kay.  What does he tell her?  Don’t know, but it looks like Fox might just have every right to feel insecure.  How will Miguel’s statements affect this threesome?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we can leave you with this:  Tabitha is having the time of her life watching it all go down!  Find out what mischief Tabitha is brewing this week on Passions.

Young & the Restless

Victor is none too pleased and he wants some answers!  What’s got him so steamed? Could it have anything to do with Nick and Phyllis’s little indiscretion?   Elsewhere, Michael is taking stock of things.  What’s behind him re-evaluating his life?  What conclusions will he come too?  Meanwhile, JT is one conflicted puppy. What’s got him all confused?  What will he do?  In other parts of Genoa City, Jack and Ashley aren’t exactly thrilled when they learn a certain DA is conducting the investigation into their company. It’s understandable, since Will is the one who put their father behind bars, but will he cause the Abbotts any further harm?  More importantly, will he discover Gloria’s involvement?  Get to the bottom of all things young and restless this week on Y&R.

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