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Home Features Legacy Galleries irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 3-27-0

irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 3-27-0

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ATWT Photo Gallery

Don’t forget our regular Sneak Peeks. Start here with AMC

Before we go into the Fresh Peeks, we just have to say you’ve gotta cop a gander at these amazing photos from ATWT’s 50th Anniversary special show airing this Friday, March 31.  It’s I Dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy, Happy Days, the Munsters, a big black bear and much, much more all hitting Oakdale this week, and we've got 30 first look photos to share.  Whether ATWT is your fave show or not, don’t miss these fun pix! 

All My Children

This week seems to be all about Dr. Greg Madden. Why’s he having such a busy week?  Keep reading and we’ll fill you in.  First, it appears that coincidentally Dixie is linked to the diabolical doc.  How and when have their paths crossed? While we can’t give out exact details, it appears they met during her hiatus from the world of the living.  How do we know this nugget of information?  Well, she tells Zach that Madden is the reason she lost her daughter.  How’s that for a twist! Just how did he get his clutches into Dixie’s baby, and what exactly did he do?  Next, Greg infects Julia’s life as well.  What does he do to cause the good nurse harm?  Well, we know he just told her she can’t have children, but is that the truth?  It turns out it’s not.  So why does he want her to believe she can’t conceive?  Could it have anything to do with Kendall’s baby?  Speaking of Kendall, Dr. Greg continues to try and manipulate the mother-to-be into giving her baby up for adoption to parents of his choosing.  Why is he so adamant that Kendall should not raise her own child?  Whatever his reason -- Erica isn’t standing for it.  What will she do to further her attempts at getting rid of the shady doc?  All we can say is curtail drinking any tea offered by La Kane, Doc.  It’s big doings in Pine Valley, so make sure you don’t miss any of the secrets and lies that rise to the surface on All My Children this week. 

As the World Turns

Paul recants his confession this week.  What occurs to make him reconsider his stance on Dusty’s murder?  Will Hal accept his new proclamation?  Now that Nick knows Carly is the one who set him up, what will he do?  Well, it looks like he can send her away for a very long time, but will the cocky new cop do that?  Or will he let the object of his desires walk?  In other parts of Oakdale, Luke faints.  What’s happened to the young Snyder?  Is it in response to his parents possibly finding out his secret? Or is it a little more serious?  At the same time, Barbara tells Kim she’s ready to accept Gwen and Will’s marriage. But Kim’s not buying it. Is she right?  Could this just be a ploy for Babs to win her son over?  Or is she truly ready to welcome Gwen into her family?  Yeah, right!  Remember, Friday’s show is extra special amd you'll want to tape or Tivo it for posterity. Happy Anniversary ATWT.  Cover 50 years of all of the goings on in Oakdale this week on As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

Ridge seems to be full of himself more than usual this week.  What’s he so confident about?  Oh just that Brooke will come back to him.  But is he right about that?  Or is he just an egomaniac?  Elsewhere, Taylor makes Nick a surprising offer.  What does she have that he could possibly want?  Will the Salty Dog take her up on it?  We’re not sure, but it looks like Nick consoles Taylor in her time of need later in the week.  What brings this about?  Just exactly how does he comfort her?  Does it have anything to do with the aforementioned offer?  At the same time, Eric and Stephanie seem to be feeling the love.  What does this mean?  Well, we’ll give you a little preview…Eric professes his deep love to Stephanie!  We’re as surprised as you, but does he really admit that he loves his ex-wife again?  Or could he be talking about someone else?  Jump on the roller coaster that is The Bold and the Beautiful for all the ups and downs of fashion’s elite this week.

Days of our Lives

The wedding is over, so now it’s time for the Honeymoon!  Where do the lovebirds take off to for a little romance?  Wherever they go, it doesn’t seem to go as planned.  What happens during their love fest?  We hear they get interrupted by someone.  Who could it be?  If you guessed Belle, you’d be right.  But why does she tag along?  What will happen when they discover her?  As for Belle’s mother, it looks like Marlena is getting her memory back.  Could it be true?  Will Marlena finally remember her life for good? Speaking of Marlena, John seems to have plans for her first husband. What do they include?  We’ll give you a hint.  Apparently, John lays a trap for Alex.  But where does this go down?  What will the outcome be?  Will John’s plan work out the way he intended?  Don’t be kept in suspense, flip on over to Days of our Lives this week for all the details.

General Hospital

Going against his father’s wishes, Patrick tries to save Noah’s life.  How does he do this?  Well, it looks like he puts Noah’s name on a donor list without telling him.  But will he be too late? Perhaps, as the senior Drake falls into a coma.  What will Patrick do now?  For one thing, he offers himself as a liver donor for his alcoholic father.  That’s quite a selfless act for the egocentric surgeon, but he may not have to go to such extremes.  Why’s that you ask? Sadly, yet coincidentally, Jesse is critically injured and wheeled into the ER.  What will Patrick do when a possible liver donor is staring him right in the face?  Will he trade the young cop’s life for his father’s?  Elsewhere, Sam is obsessed with learning all she can about Alexis.  But will her burning need to know more about her mother threaten her relationship with Jason?  Carly certainly thinks so and tells Sam to back off Alexis or risk losing the hit man.  Will Sam listen to Jason’s second best friend?  Or is her fixation too strong?  There’s no better time to visit Port Charles to witness the life altering events, so get yourself admitted to General Hospital this week.

Guiding Light

Dinah’s ready to call it off with Mallet out of fear he’ll cheat on her with Harley. She’s more right than she knows, but what does Mallet have to say for himself?  In a surprising turn of events, he admits he already did cheat on her, but that he does loves her.  How will she react to this news?  Will she forgive him?  Or kick him out?  More importantly, will she tell Harley and Gus what she knows?  Speaking of Gus, now that he’s back from the dead he has a new plan for dealing with Alan.  What does he have in store for his father now?  Will this one go better than his last?  As for Harley, she’s decided to stop working for a while.  So with her out of the way at Spaulding, who will take her place?  Harley wants it to be Dinah, but Alan-Michael has other plans.  Who will come out on top?  Meanwhile, Frank goes on a date with Olivia, but still needs his daddy’s help. What can Buzz help Frank with now?  Whatever it is, it works.  But will Olivia suspect Buzz was behind it all along?  Get all the answers for yourself this week when you find your way in to the Guiding Light.
One Life to Live

Tess’s secret is finally out, and she is confronted with her past when she arrives back in Llanview.  What does she do in response to seeing the devastating tapes of her living nightmare?  Understandably, she takes off.  But where does she go?  You might not guess this one—she turns to Dorian of all people.  Why would Tess seek her out?  We don’t know either, but apparently she later learns the whereabouts of her molester and sets out for revenge.  How does she find out where this guy is? More importantly, what will she do when she confronts him?  Of course she wants to see this monster dead, and she attempts to do just that when she tries to smother him.  Will she succeed?  It looks like not, as Nash arrives to stop her.  However, he has second thoughts and tries to kill the man himself.  So will Nash avenge the wrongs this man did to the love of his life by smothering him to death?  We can’t give you that little detail, but we can tell you the lovebirds vow to face the future together--no matter what.  Does this mean Tess is sticking around?  In other parts of Llanview, Matthew’s prayers are answered. What does he want more than anything?  This is an easy one, but we’ll tell you anyway.  He wants his mother back and it looks like he finally gets his wish.  How does that happen?   For starters, Nora opens her eyes!  So, does this mean she’s on the road to recovery?  For little Matthew’s sake, we certainly hope so!  But tune in to see what happens for yourself this week on One Life to Live.


Upon returning to Harmony, Chris wants some answers from Sheridan.  What exactly does he want to know?  Well, how about what she really wants.  But what will she tell her husband?  Will she choose between the two men in her life?  Once home, Luis gives his family the shock of their lives.  Understandable, since everyone thought he was dead!  But once they get over that stunning revelation, what shocking thing does he tell them?  Over at the convent, Whitney receives a prophetic proclamation.  What is she presented with?  How will she process it?  Meanwhile, as Maya and Noah face jail time, she apologizes for dragging him into her mess.  But why exactly might they go to the slammer? Will they be able to get out of their latest predicament?  Regardless, the cops give Noah a way to keep his girlfriend safe. Why does Fancy need protecting?  Will Noah take them up on their offer?  Elsewhere, Paloma stumbles upon her own mystery and tries to get Simone to explore it with her.  What does she discover?  Will Simone go along with her friend?  At the same time, as Kay and Fox get intimate, she has an unsettling vision.  What does she see?  Will it interrupt their romantic mood?  Finally, Katherine reaches out to Martin.  What does she want from him?  We’ll give you one guess, but how will it go over?  Just as you’d suspect from Pilar.  But what wrath will she lay down in response to Kat’s gesture?  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride that is Passions all week.

Young & the Restless

Sharon’s suspicions continue to mount this week. What happens to further raise an eyebrow where Nick and Phyllis are concerned?  Will she actually find out the truth?  If so, will she confront her husband?  Meanwhile, Victor is none too pleased that his daughter is going through with her plans to marry Brad.  Will he be able to get through to her?  Or will she remain stubborn and marry him?  As for Victor’s other daughter, it looks like her life is put in jeopardy.  How does this happen?  Surprisingly, as Gloria attempts to sabotage Jabot, something backfires and affects little Abby’s life.  What goes down exactly?  Will Abby be ok?  We’re not sure, but we are told that Ashley rushes her daughter to the hospital.  Will she get her there in time?  Don’t be left out in the cold, stay current with all of the life altering events on The Young and the Restless this week.

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