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Home Features Legacy Galleries irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 3-20-0

irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 3-20-0

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 hspace=10 src=Fresh Peeks for All Soaps!

Guiding Light Photo Gallery

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All My Children

Dixie comes in contact with another member of her family this week.  Who does she run into?  Is it Tad?  Nah. Not quite.  For the first time, she meets her grandson, but will Little A know who she is?  Well since he’s just a child, we assume not, but Dixie does get to spend some quality time with JR’s son.  While she’s bonding with the tot, someone thinks they see her on a surveillance camera.  It’s none other than David, but has he really spotted his ex-love?  Maybe not this time, but he will run smack dab right into her later in the week. Where does he meet her?  Well, it is a big wedding week in Pine Valley and Dixie decides she wants to see her son get married.  Does this mean she’s going to attend the nuptials?  Not exactly, but she does hide in the shadows to watch as JR and Babe tie the knot for the second time.  So what happens while she’s spying on her family yet again?  You guessed it!  She finds herself face to face with David.  What will he do when his suspicions about Dixie being alive are confirmed?  Elsewhere, Erica is as determined as ever to rid Pine Valley of Dr. Greg Madden.  Does this mean she actually used those mysterious pills she recently bought?  Can’t say for sure, but she just might want to step up her plan to destroy him.  Speaking of Madden, he makes another move toward Kendall’s baby.  What does he do now?  For starters, he brings potential adoptive parents for her baby in to his office.  How will Kendall and Ryan react?  Let’s just say, not well.  But what will they do in response to Greg’s strong-arm tactics?  Keep your remote glued to All My Children this week and see!

As the World Turns

Emily suggests that she and Paul get married.  What?!  You read it right, but why does she ask him to do such a thing?  More importantly, will he agree to it?  After getting caught in bed together, Luke and Jade say they’re a couple.  But when Lucinda asks Luke if he’s really in love, what will he have to say for himself?  Surprisingly, he says he is truly is in love, but is he referring to his so-called cousin, or Kevin?  In other parts of Oakdale, Hal offers to support Will and Gwen, but on one condition.  What are his terms?  Well, they have to go back to school.  Not a bad offer, but will the newlyweds accept?  Meanwhile, Katie gets in on Carly’s act and pretends to be a stripper.  Why is she now entering the world of topless dancing?  Just what exactly is she after?  Elsewhere, Margo fears she’s becoming just like Barbara.  Good lord, she must be devastated!  Why does she fear she’s turning into her long time rival?  Get up to date with the residents of Oakdale this week on As the World Turns.

Bold & the Beautiful

As the family gathers for Felicia’s memorial service, Ridge makes his intentions known. Okay, so what are they?  For whom are his statements intended?  Elsewhere, Nick and Bridget say their final goodbyes.  Is Bridget really ready to let her husband go back to her mother?  Will she be able to pick up the pieces and move on?  It certainly looks that way, as Dante has a surprise in store for the newly single Bridget.  What does he have in mind?  How will she respond to his gesture?  Meanwhile, Stephanie makes a difficult decision.  What does it involve?  What will she do?  Don’t forget, it’s going to be a special week as Jack Wagner’s single, “Going Back Again” will play on Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.  Don’t’ miss it.

Days of our Lives

The wedding of year in Salem gets underway this week.  Will Shawn and Mimi actually make it down the aisle?  Or will outside forces ruin their happy day?  Meanwhile, it looks like Marlena’s memory is returning!  That can only mean one thing, right?!  We certainly hope so, as Marlena calls for John.  Has she remembered her deep love for him?  We’re not gonna tell, but we will let you know she also wants to have words with Alex. What does she want to discuss with her first husband?  Well for one thing, she’s remembered their true past together.  Does this mean she’s ready to give him the boot?  Don’t miss any of Marlena’s emerging memories this week on Days of our Lives.

General Hospital

Sonny gives Emily quite a shock this week. What does he do to surprise his newest ladylove?  As hard as it is for him, the mobster tells Em he loves her!  Will Emily reciprocate his feelings?  Wouldn’t you?!  But while they continue to hide their relationship from everyone they know, it seems Jason is on to them.  How does he figure out his best friend and his sister are still an item?  What will he do when he discovers their act of betrayal?  Rumor has it, he tells Sam he will kill Sonny if he hurts Emily.  Can he really mean that? Would Jason go that far to protect his sister?  Meanwhile, Jax continues to block Nikolas’ attempts at seeing John.   Will the brooding prince find a way around Jax’s orders?  Speaking of Jax, he continues to grow closer to Carly, but it doesn’t seem to be a popular decision. Who warns him against getting involved with her this week?  It looks like his ex-wife Alexis tries to get him to see the error of his ways, but will he listen to the savvy counselor?  That would be a big fat NO.  Will he live to regret his decision?  Elsewhere, Patrick races to save Noah.  Has his liver taken a turn for the worse?  Will the egomaniacal doctor be able to save his father before it’s too late?  There’s a lot going on this week, so keep your eyes peeled to General Hospital all week.

Guiding Light

Reva tells Jonathan to stay away from Tammy. Why the sudden change of heart where her son is concerned?  How will Jonathan handle this perceived act of betrayal? Later, Tammy runs into an old flame.  Who does she encounter?  Furthermore, will she say yes when he asks her out?  Meanwhile, Alan-Michael learns his father is alive.  How will he react to this news?  Will it be a warmhearted father/son reunion?  Come on, this is the Spauldings we’re talking about! Elsewhere, Harley finds herself in a bit of a sticky situation at an asylum.  Why is she there?  It doesn’t really matter, as the important question is—who comes to her rescue?  Could it be Mallet?  Or perhaps, Gus?   Across town, Buzz learns Frank has been shot!  Will he be all right?  It looks that way, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t cause more grief for his dear old dad.  What does he do to disrupt Buzz’s plans?  Could it have anything to do with a lovely young lady named Olivia?  See it all go down for yourself this week on Guiding Light. 

One Life to Live

This is one week you’re not gonna want to miss!  The truth finally comes out as Clint and Viki learn what happened to Jessica all those years ago.  What do they discover?  Unfortunately, we can’t spill the beans on that one, but we can share this.  Apparently, Jess’s parents find a videotape that details the awful truth.  But what’s on the tape?  And how do they find it?  Elsewhere, Todd uncovers a major clue that will help him clear his name.  What does he find?  Where does he find it?  Not surprisingly, he discovers what he’s looking for in Spencer’s office.  What has the evil doc been holding on to that will help Todd clear his name?  Will it work?  Even though this could be good news for the escaped convict, there’s always a down side when it comes to Todd.  What happens to balance out the good in Todd’s life?  Oh, how about him seeing Blair having sex with is archenemy!  What will he do in response to this devastating scene?  Will he fall apart, or will this act of betrayal fuel his need for revenge?  It’s what you’ve been waiting for, so don’t miss a second of One Life to Live this week.


After witnessing Theresa’s behavior, Pilar becomes ashamed of her daughter.  What does Theresa do to embarrass her mother?  Will Pilar be able to straighten her out?  Probably not, but Theresa does use her newfound power for a seemingly good purpose.  What does she do?  Well it seems she gets Sam reinstated to his civic position.  But is it an act of goodwill, or does she have an ulterior motive?  Speaking of Sam, he reveals an intruder’s identity. Who’s that you ask?  We hear it has something to do with Noah and Fancy, but who’s bothering them?  Meanwhile, Kay and Miguel seem to have each other on their minds.  What prompts their hot and heavy dreams of one another?  Will they lead to anything?  Elsewhere, Whitney’s revelation stuns all of Harmony.  What does she discover? Why is everyone so shocked?  Whatever it is, Eve tries to make medical sense of Whitney’s unbelievable claims.  Will the good doctor be able to make sense of everything?  At the same time, Ethan makes a promise to Gwen.  What does he vow to his lovely wife?  Will he be able to stick to his word?  In return from the dead news, Luis drops a bombshell on Sheridan and Chris.  What does he stun them with?  It’s weird, wacky and wild this week in Harmony so tune in to keep up with all latest developments on Passions.

Young & the Restless

He may have forgiven Victoria, but can Brad forgive JT for sleeping with his fiancée?  It doesn’t look good for the young P.I, as Brad is a tad bit hostile towards him.  What does he do and how will he explain his behavior to Colleen?  Will he tell his daughter what the object of her affection has done?  At the same time, Lily and Daniel make drastic plans for their future.  What have they decided?  Can’t say for sure, but it looks like they just might take off, as The Winters desperately search for Lily. Where has she gone?  Will Dru and Neil be able to find her?  Elsewhere, Gloria isn’t going down without a fight and makes plans for revenge.  What does she have in mind?  We’re not gonna tell, so tune in to The Young and the Restless this week to find out. 

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