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irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 11-28-0

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All My Children…

All poo hits the fan this week as Kendall tries to explain her actions to Greenlee.  Will her argument be convincing enough to appease Greenlee’s anger, or is this the straw that breaks the friendship’s back?  We can’t say for certain, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it does.  Just know that fireworks will be erupting.  At the same time, with all in shock over Kendall’s admission, Zach is the one who is there to comfort her.  With their divorce pending, Kendall finds it hard to figure out why Zach is being so nice to her. Gees Kendall. We’ll give you two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.  Open your eyes girl.  The guy cares for you!  Duh.  Meanwhile, on the other side of Pine Valley, Tad and Erica join forces to ease Erica’s suspicions about Greg.  What will Tad uncover?  Is Greg in for a rude awakening?  Or is Erica?  Shortly thereafter, Ryan turns to Julia and vice versa.  For what?  Why have these two found kindred spirits in each other?  While over in Chandlerland, Babe begins to suspect that her mom, Krystal, really does have feelings for Adam.  Is Babe correct?  Has Krystal really fallen for the head of the Chandler household?  One sure way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week.

As the World Turns…

Carly is totally on board when it comes to clearing Will’s name.  But what will it require her to do?  Well, it looks like she goes undercover to get some info from Stan.  Will her rouse work?  Or will Stan realize what she’s up to?  As Carly works Stan for dirt, her G-man is doing a little investigating of his own.  What angle is Jack working?  Does he get the proof he needs to exonerate Will?  Meanwhile, Jack’s cousin is having major problems of his own.  Will Holden come to accept Lily’s choice to be with Keith?  Um…probably not.  As he starts to put the pieces together, Holden vows to fight for his marriage.  Will he learn of Lily’s deal with the organ smuggler?  And if he does, will it be the proof he needs to win the love of his life back?  While Holden is playing detective, Lily tries to reach out to Luke who’s living at the farm.  What does she do to make him more comfortable with his living arrangements?  Will he accept his mother’s gestures?  Elsewhere, Katie asks Mike to move out.  What would possess her to do such a thing?  Will he do what she asks?  Keep up with all the twist and turns this week on As the World Turns.

Bold and the Beautiful…

Guess who returns to the fold this week!  If you guessed Felicia Forrester, you’d be right.  But is her return everything she hoped it would be?  It doesn’t look that way, as her first stop doesn’t go exactly as planned.  Who does she drop in on first?  How do they react?  Things may look up for her later on though, as Stephanie makes Felicia an offer.  What does she propose to her daughter?  Will she accept?  In more Felicia news, Nick and Bridget discuss his past relationship with her half-sister.  What is revealed?  Does Felicia’s return create yet another roadblock in their relationship?  Elsewhere, Jackie decides to play devil’s advocate this week.  With whom does she meddle?  More importantly, does she get the results she wants?  Find out when take part in of all the family drama this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives…

Has Jack taken matters into his own hands again?  It kinda looks that way as his car is raised from the river.  But where is he?  Has he succeeded in taking his own life, or is he simply missing?  It looks like the rescue team is out in full force, as Bo and Patrick try to find him.  Will the enemies be able to locate Jack?  And will he be alive?  Elsewhere, Lucas checks out Titan’s latest venture.  However, he receives a shock when he runs into the company’s CEO.  What is so surprising?  Does Lucas know who it is?  In exciting return news, Carrie is back!  But she doesn’t exactly show up in Salem.  So where is she?  Does anyone see her?  Don’t miss a minute of all the excitement this week on Days of our Lives to find out.

General Hospital…

The week kicks off as Carly and Emily face off. Over what or whom are they fighting? More importantly, is Carly correct in her accusation?  At the same time, two other Port Charles femmes likewise have it out, but this time it’s over Jason.  Sam confronts Robin because Robin believes that keeping Jason in the hospital is the best course of action for his condition. Given Jason’s illness, it certainly sounds reasonable.  So, why is Sam against it?  Shortly thereafter, Luke proceeds with his latest plan.  But Tracy is suspicious. She recruits Lulu to spy on Luke. Will Lulu do Tracy’s bidding? If so, what will she uncover?  Meanwhile, Sam tells Jason that she is ready to take the next step in their relationship.  What does she have in mind?  Could trying for a bun in the oven be what she’s after? How will Jason react?  Meantime, Nikolas and Emily have an emotional talk about their past.  Does it bring the both of them closer together, or will it turn out to be nothing more than a bittersweet goodbye? Keep your remotes glued to General Hospital this week and see!

Guiding Light…

Poor Sandy, he finally gets Tammy down the aisle, but his world is ripped apart right after the ceremony.  What happens to ruin his happy day?  Has his secret connection to Ava been exposed?  If so, who lets the secret out?  And what does Tammy do when she learns what her husband has been keeping from her?  It’s probably a safe bet to assume that Jonathan will be there to ease her get through the turmoil.  What does he do help his love get over her pain?  Let’s just say he asks her to go away with him.  Will she agree to leave town with her cousin?  Speaking of Ava, Lizzie is a little jealous of her this week.  What does the bartender do to irk the bubbly blonde? Does Lizzie have any reason feel that way?  On other fronts, Josh seems to have proof of Jeffrey’s connection to Richard.  What could it be?  Will he share the news with Cassie?  While over at Spaulding, Harley admits her feelings regarding Mallet to Dinah.  What does she share?  And who overhears?  It’s going to be an exciting week, so don’t miss a second of Guiding Light.

One Life to Live…

When Bo takes matters into his own hands this week, he pays a dear price.  Will Bo’s actions help save Cristian and John?  More importantly, does he come out of the situation in one piece?  While back in Llanview, Tess has a major realization.  She is conversing with Niki Smith, not Viki.  How will their conversation go?  Will Niki find out why Tess exists?  At the same time, Paige keeps her eyes on Spencer during a very delicate surgery. Who is Spencer’s patient and why is Paige – and just about everyone else in Llanview -- so concerned for their wellbeing?  Shortly thereafter, Jessica reemerges and reconnects with Antonio.  Did the Niki Smith intervention work to integrate both Jessica and Tess, or is more work at hand for the troubled femme?  Then, it’s back to Statesville as Carlo engages in yet another treacherous plan. This time, however, it involves Natalie.  Is Nat’s life at risk, or will she be the one who saves John and Cristian?  Find out when you tune in to One Life to Live this week.


Gwen seals Ethan’s fate this week.  Will she carry out the wishes he laid out in his living will?  It certainly looks that way, as Theresa desperately tries to stop her.  How far will Theresa go to keep Ethan alive?  Who does she enlist for assistance?  Elsewhere, Kay realizes that Tabitha’s spell is working a little too well on Fox.  Is there anything she can do to reverse it?  The spell isn’t the only thing working against Kay, as Valerie continues her efforts to steal Fox away. Will she succeed?  Not if Kay has anything to say about it!  What does Kay do this week to fight for her prince?  Will Valerie back off?  What do you think?  Over in Eve’s office of all places, Liz makes some demands on Julian.  What does she want from him?  Will he give her what she wants?  Only one way to find out!  Tune into Passions this week and see.

The Young and the Restless…

As Brad and Victoria kick things up a notch, they consider going public with their relationship.  Will they let everyone know they’re an item? What kind of reception will that receive?  In other Newman couple news, Sharon looks forward to going away with Nick.  But will he share her enthusiasm?  Will Sharon enjoy a quick get away with her husband, or will she be disappointed?  Elsewhere, Sheila is tired of waiting around.  She’s ready to put her plan of destroying Lauren in motion.  What will the schemer do next?  More importantly, does she succeed?  Speaking of evildoers, Tom had better watch out! John’s on to him and wants Gloria to rescind the bail money she put up for her ex.  Will she do what her husband wants?  Or will she create another lie to sell to her husband?  Whatever she does, it sets John on a path that leads him straight to Tom.  What happens when the two face off?  Will Genoa City ever be the same?  Stay glued to the Young and the Restless this week and find out! 

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