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Home Features Legacy Galleries irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 1-30-06

irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks Week 1-30-06

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 hspace=10 src=Fresh Peeks for All Soaps for This Week!

GH Photo Gallery

Don’t forget our regular Sneak Peeks. Start here with AMC

All My Children

The Big Mardi Gras ball is approaching, but there’s a lot of trouble brewing before it begins.  First, Erica is arrested for stabbing Zach.  Will Zach survive the attack?  Probably, but can Erica prove she was drugged and was hallucinating when she did it? Then, Tad gets some surprising lab results. What do they say?  Whose life or lives does it affect?  Later, Jamie seems to be getting close to figuring out Janet’s role in all the weird things happening in town.  Will he get proof she’s the evildoer?  Let’s hope so, as Amanda is arrested this week.  Will the object of her affections come through for her?  We can’t quite say, but we do know Janet isn’t done getting her revenge on Pine Valley’s finest.  Who’s next on her list?  It looks like Erica is the new target of her vengeance.  What does she have planned for La Kane?  Across town, Babe refuses to sign JR’s pre-nup.  What she is so angry about?  Probably that he wants sole custody of Little A if they get divorced again.  Since she won’t agree to this codicil, will they be able to come to terms?  It doesn’t look that way as later JR opens a door to an upsetting surprise.  What does he find when he peers inside a closet?  Oh -- only his fiancée with his brother.  What are these two doing together in such tight quarters?  Are they having an affair like JR suspects?  Or is this just one more thing on Janet’s list for revenge?  Find out for yourself this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Paul and Meg fear Emily is on to them.  Are they right?  Could be, but when Paul is too sick to go on the run, he pleads with Meg to go alone.  Will she take off and leave Paul to fend for himself?  As for Paul’s brother, Will gets an offer on a place to live.  Who offers him their home?  Apparently, Barbara is ready to take Will in, but will he accept his mother’s gesture?   Across town, Holden decides to do some digging into Luke’s recent behavior.  How does he go about this?  It seems Holden gets into his son’s computer looking for answers.  Does he find what he’s looking for?  Will Luke catch him?  Elsewhere, Maddie goes on a date.  Who does she go out with?  Just some guy named Nate.  But when she brings him home afterwards, how will Casey react?   Will he play it cool, or will his jealousy get the better of him?  Over at Katie and Mike’s engagement party, Jack and Nick come to blows.  What are they fighting over?  Will they ever settle their differences?  Tune in for all the drama this week on As the World Turns.

Bold and the Beautiful

Hector comes to the rescue yet again this week.  Who’s he there for this time?  Well, it seems he steps up for Taylor. But why does she need his help?  Apparently, that’s not all she’s after, as Hector is there for her in another capacity as well. What else does she need the hunky firefighter for?  When Taylor falls apart due to her failed marriage, Hector’s there for support. But will this lead to something more?  Hector probably hopes so!  Elsewhere, Eric begrudgingly accepts a loved one’s resignation.  Who’s quitting?  How will it affect him?  Across town, Brooke is determined to stand her ground where Ridge is concerned.  Will her convictions hold firm?  Or will Ridge wear her down?  Finally, Bridget fears for the safety of her child.  What has happened to cause concern?  Will Nick be able to make everything all better?  Get all the juicy details this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Oh Sami!  Carrie just broke up with Austin and she’s already asking for her permission to go after him. What is she thinking?  More importantly, will Carrie allow it?  Meanwhile, Bonnie does her best to stop Mimi from telling Shawn the truth.  What truth has Mimi uncovered? Could it be she knows Shawn is Clare’s real father? Speaking of the little tyke, Clare finally goes home!  But while this is good news, Belle is feeling conflicted. What is she having trouble with?  Oh, just that she’s in love with someone other than her husband.  What will she do?  Well she goes to Caroline for advice.  Will she be able to help the young bride sort out her emotions?  Elsewhere, Patrick gets proof that Billie wasn’t driving the car that killed Zach.  What does he uncover?  Will it set Billie free?  Keep your remote glued to Days of our Lives all week to find out.

General Hospital

Luke is back!  But who and what has he brought with him?  The answers would be a chimp and a mysterious fever.  Don’t know much about the chimp, but it seems the fever has far reaching consequences as LuLu, Sam, Skye, Lucky and Nikolas all contract the same illness.  Will the GH staff be able to diagnose the mysterious disease that’s spreading through the town?  Perhaps, but they’ll need a little help doing that and there is only one man for that job.  Who you ask?  It’s none other than the infamous Robert Scorpio!  But wait! Wasn’t he blown up on a boat?  His body was never found and now, he’s returned to Port Charles to put a stop to the virus outbreak.  Apparently, he’s been researching the virus and it’s led him back to his one time home.  Will he be able to stop it from spreading any further? He’ll certainly try as he quarantines the entire hospital.  But is this enough?  Maybe for some, but others might not be so lucky.  Don’t miss a second of this exciting week of General Hospital. 

Guiding Light

Even though everyone thinks he’s dead, it turns out Gus is really alive, but just barely. What fate has befallen Gus?  Furthermore, what’s happened to Alan? While Harley’s trying to accept the fact that her husband is dead, Alan-Michael tells Harley the Spaulding board wants her out and him in as CEO. Is this really the case?  Will Harley hand her job over to the scheming A-M? Will her grief weaken her resolve to run Spaulding Enterprises, or will it only make her stronger?  Meanwhile, Cassie and Josh hire computer hackers to get the sealed government files on Jeffrey.  Do they succeed?  What do they find out?  Can’t say for sure, but we can share this.  It seems Cassie turns to Jeff for comfort. Why does she need his big strong shoulder to cry on?  Does this mean she’s forgiven him for his past indiscretions?  In other parts of Springfield, Sandy offers Tammy a ride. Does she accept?  It seems so, but does he take her where she wants to go, or does he have an ulterior plan?  Lots of secrets will be uncovered this week, so keep your remote glued to Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Todd’s continued claims of innocence fall on deaf ears.  Will he ever convince anyone that he didn’t kill Margaret?  It doesn’t look that way as he’s taken to Statesville.  What fate awaits him there?  Apparently, he’s welcomed to prison by being beat up.  But while he’s being persecuted by the inmates, it’s nothing compared to what the jury wants to do to him.  What’s the verdict on his future?  It’s probably not good and that’s just how Spencer likes it.  Things are going just as he had hoped and Spencer plans on getting everything he wants.  What does that include? Well probably Blair, but he seemingly needs help from an outside source.  Who does he turn to? Elsewhere, Clint and Viki have an argument that brings Niki out.  What do they argue about that evokes her alter ego?  Can’t quite say, but we do know Niki plans to head out of town and wants to take someone with her.  Who does she enlist on her travels?  How about another alter named Tess.  When Niki successfully brings Tess out, she convinces her to go on the run with her.  But how does she accomplish this?  Stay tuned to One Life to Live this week and see!


Tabitha tags along on Fox and Kay’s date.  How does she do this?  It looks like she uses Endora’s magical powers to accomplish it, but why does she want to insinuate herself into their plans?  Will it work?  Elsewhere, Theresa receives a surprise.  What does she learn?  Well, it seems she now has access to a wealth of resources.  What exactly does this mean?  All we know is, she has a new sense of authority and uses it to her advantage.  But what will she do with her newfound power?  Can’t say for sure, but it looks like she offers something extremely generous to Pilar.  Will she accept?  Or will she refuse her daughter’s offer?  As Maya begs Noah to keep their past a secret, Fancy walks in on them.  What does she witness?  Let’s just say it’s a heartbreaking scene, which brings up many questions. First, will Noah agree to Maya’s request?  Second, how exactly does Fancy walk in on them?  Most importantly, will what Fancy sees make her think twice about Noah?  At the same time, something happens to make Ethan and Gwen rethink their future.  What has changed to ruin their exciting plans?  Whatever has happened, it forces Ethan to look for a new job.  What will he do?  Will they now be forced to return to Harmony?  Finally, Chris and Sheridan find themselves in great danger.  What trouble have they gotten into?  Will they be able to get out of their tight spot?  Magic’s brewing all over town, so don’t miss a minute of it this week on Passions.

The Young and the Restless

Nick and Phyllis just can’t seem to stay away from each other.  Not only are they having a scorching affair, but they are also working together.  Will they be able to keep their under cover romance a secret when they have to work together every day?  One person they might not have to worry about finding out just yet is Jack, as he’s a little pre-occupied with his anger. Who’s he furious with?  Let’s just say Nikki and Phyllis had better watch their backs as Jack wages war against the two.  What does he have planned for his exes?  Speaking of uncontrollable anger, Colleen unleashes her rage at Kevin.  Under what circumstances does Colleen finally come face to face with her tormentor?  Will Kevin take what she dishes out? Or will he defend himself?  Meanwhile, Victoria and Brad find themselves on opposite sides when it comes to Abby.  What do they disagree over?  Only one way to find out. Tune into Young and the Restless all week.

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