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irst Looks Photo Gallery & Fresh Peeks 1-2-0

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 hspace=10 src=Photo Gallery on Haitus

Sorry, no photos this week.  Soapdom is on partial holiday hiatus.  First Look photos return next week. 

Don't forget our Regular Sneak Peeks. Start here with AMC...

All My Children

It’s déjà vu for Babe when she finds herself naked in bed with Josh.  But how did she get there?   That’s what JR would like to know!  Babe throws the blame on Amanda, who she thinks drugged her, but JR isn’t buying it and he’s furious.  Will Babe be able to prove her innocence?  It looks that way as later in the week the exes end up in a night of passion.  Are these two on their way to a life of love and happiness?  With these two, you can’t rule anything out.   Meanwhile, Amanda starts to think she could have been the one who drugged Babe and turns to Jamie for support.  Since he’s trying to get the goods on her, he’s more than willing to lend a shoulder to cry on.  But while he’s playing her, she’s actually falling for him.  Will she reveal her true feelings to Jamie?  And will they ever be returned?   Later, Tad and Di haven’t exactly been the best of friends lately, and things only get worse when he accidentally calls her Dixie.  Things go from bad to worse for Di when she finds herself pushed into the icy lake.  Who would do such a thing?  Probably the psycho that’s causing problems for everyone else in town.  But why is Janet out to get Di?  Find out for yourself this week on All My Children.

As the World Turns

Things didn’t turn out quite the way Meg expected as her world crumbles down around her this week.   When Dusty throws her out, she drives off crying and crashes her car.  Thinking she hit someone, she gets out to investigate.  But what does she find?  More to the point, who does she find?  As you can probably guess, she discovers a very wounded Paul.  Will she call for help, or does he convince her to keep quiet?  Just why doesn’t he want to go to the hospital and what does he have in mind instead?  Will Meg go along with it?  Meanwhile, Emily is trying to cover her tracks and starts by going to her mother to tell her Paul called off the wedding.   Using her pain to her advantage, Emily thinks she can get Tom to soften his attitude where their son is concerned.  With Paul out of the picture, will Tom drop his crusade to take Daniel away from her?  That may be, but first she has to deal with cleaning up her crime, especially when Emily discovers she’s missing an earring.  In a panic, she races up to the bluff to find it.  But while searching does she discover more than she bargained for?  In the meantime, Lily and Holden realize their actions are damaging their children.  What do they do to rectify this situation?  Holden’s solution is to start divorce proceedings.  Will Lily go along with it? While Monday is pre-empted, the rest of the week is filled with can’t miss action so be sure to tune in to As the World Turns this week.

Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke comes across Taylor in a compromising position with Hector this week.  What does she find the two doing?  Will she use this as ammunition against Taylor?  Not if Stephanie has anything to say about it, as later in the week Stephanie and Brooke battle over what Taylor’s done.  Will La Forrester convince her archenemy to keep quiet?  More importantly, will Steph convince her daughter-in-law to keep the news to herself?  It seems her efforts are wasted, as Taylor decides to fess up to her husband anyway.  Does she really tell him what happened with the smoldering fire fighter?  How will Ridge take the news?  It’s gonna be good, so no flipping this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Days of our Lives

Mimi tells Bonnie about Shawn proposing.  Will Bonnie be happy with her daughter’s news?   Meanwhile, Jennifer comes to realize how much she depends on Frankie.  Has Jack’s plan of putting these two together worked?  Is she feeling those old feelings again?  We all know Frankie certainly is, but will they act on their emotions?  It seems like an opportunity presents itself, but will the high school sweethearts give in to the moment?  In other parts of Salem, Alex finds himself in critical condition after being shot by John.  Will he survive?  At the same time, Marlena visits her daughter in the hospital.  What words of wisdom does she have for Belle?  Will her mother’s comforting presence be what Belle needs to keep the faith?  You’ll have to see for yourself this week on Days of our Lives.

Days Bonus 2006 Previews!

Austin and Carrie become closer. Sami tries to win Austin back. Marlena’s life is threatened. Bo and Hope’s marriage is put to the test. Jennifer and Frankie explore sharing a life together. Both Belle and Philip and Shawn and Mimi’s relationships are threatened when others learn of Claire’s true paternity.

General Hospital

Oh boy, Emily confesses her feelings to Sonny this week.  Will the Don return her feelings?  Well it seems he tells Jason he does, but tells Emily he can’t reciprocate.  So will this be the end of their longing?  Apparently not, as later in the week a crisis brings the two together.  It seems Michael’s life is put in danger when he falls off the pier and into the icy water.  Lucky for him, Emily is there and pulls him to safety.  Of course, she goes to Sonny’s to dry off and the two find themselves in a lip lock.  Will this be the end of it, or just the beginning? Elsewhere, Manny’s trial has gotten underway and Alexis is in full defense mode.  When she doubts Jason will tell the truth on the stand, she threatens him with the only thing that matters to him.  What leverage does she have over him?  Sam of course!  The crafty lawyer promises the mob enforcer she’ll get Sam for perjury if he doesn’t do the right thing.  Will he give in to her demands?  Meanwhile, Luke and Lulu have an emotional week as the feisty teen goes to see her mother.  Will this visit bring father and daughter closer together?  Be there for all the trials and tribulations of Port Charles finest this week on General Hospital.  

Guiding Light

While searching for Gus, Harley makes a confession to Mallet.  What does she tell her ex? Apparently, she lets him know they would be together if it weren’t for Gus.  How does he respond to this revelation?  Can he move on with this information?  More importantly, do they find Gus?  They may not find him, but they do find his car that was driven off the road.  Is he in it?  All we know for sure is there are two bodies inside, but who are they?  Meanwhile, Cassie and Reva continue to battle over their children.  However, a brief truce is called when they learn of Alan’s release and they try to find a way to help Harley out.  Do they come up with any good ideas?  We can’t spill all the beans, but we can share this -- Tammy finds a way to come in and ruin their tentative peace pact.  What does she do to put a damper on their relationship?  Speaking of Tammy, Sandy hasn’t given up on getting her back.  But after she rejects him, Sandy gets a little too aggressive and gets physical with Tammy.  Lucky for her and too bad for him, Jonathan’s out on bail and shows up just in time.  What does Jonathan do when he finds Sandy manhandling the love of his life?  Will the rivals come to blows?  Will their altercation ruin the terms of Jon’s release?  Monday’s pre-empted, but get caught up on all the big doings the rest of the week on Guiding Light.

One Life to Live

Will Rex and Adriana finally give in to their feelings?  It certainly looks that way when the star-crossed lovers find themselves stranded in a car together.   What do they do to pass the time?  Apparently admitting their true feelings makes the time fly!  But when things start to heat up, will they go all the way?  It seems not as Adriana still has doubts where both Rex and Duke are concerned and Rex believes she doesn’t really want to be with him.  But when miss goody two shoes decides she can’t forget bad boy Rex, things get misconstrued and Rex feels rejected.  What happens that threatens to end things before they even begin?  Will they ever find a way to be happy together?  Meanwhile, Nash finally gets his Tess back.  But for how long?  While they’re reveling in their bliss, Antonio gets some interesting dirt on his nemesis.  But what does he dig up?  Let’s just say he’s done some shady things in his past and someone has put a restraining order out on him.  But who wants to keep Nash out of their lives and why?  Uncover all the secrets on your own this week on One Life to Live.


The New Year starts off with a bang as Alistair’s guests scramble to conceal their secrets while trying to understand the evening’s events.  While emotions run high, one guest has an emotional breakdown.  Who succumbs to the pressure?  Meanwhile, Eve’s efforts to save a life are temporarily thwarted.   What does she need to assist her medical genius? A makeshift resuscitator perhaps?  Will she be able to put one together? Of course!  But who’s life is she trying to save?  Will she succeed?  At the same time, TC witnesses a close moment between his daughter and Rae. How will he react?  Keep in mind this is TC we’re talking about.  Elsewhere, Gwen panics as she fears she’ll be discovered.  Just what is she up to?  Is Theresa on to her?  Maybe, as she thinks she’ll find what she needs in the mansion. Are her instincts correct?  At the same time, Rebecca witnesses Tabitha vanishing into thin air.  Does she believe what she sees, or is she too drunk to realize it really happened?  Can’t wait to find out?  Well, you’ll have to wait till Tuesday, as Monday is pre-empted, but the rest of the week is filled with all the madness and mayhem you can handle. 

Young and the Restless

As Lauren and Sheila team up to escape their prison, Lauren sees a different side to Sheila.  What does she learn about her life long enemy?  Meanwhile, Paul, Michael and Scott step up their search for answers in Lauren’s death.  What do they have planned?  All we know is its dangerous and it involves them trying to trap Sheila.  But if Sheila is with Lauren, will their plan to find answers work?  Elsewhere, Mac is torn when JT asks something of her.  What does he want from her?  Well, it looks like he wants Kevin and Scott to move out of their loft.  Why is she so conflicted?  What will she do?  Keep your remote glued to the Young and the Restless all week to get all your questions answered.

Y&R Bonus 2006 Fresh Peeks

The New Year brings lots of turmoil for all the couples of Genoa City.  First Nicholas and Sharon fight to save their marriage.  Will they succeed?  Next, Brad and Victoria continue to build their relationship as they declare their love for each other.  Will their love blossom?  Or will they face too many roadblocks?  Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jack continue their affair, even though they aren’t on the same page.  Will they be able to overcome their problems and stay together?  We can’t say for sure, but we do know the fiery redhead and Nick reminisce about how far they’ve come over the past year.  Will their connection continue to threaten their respective relationships?  Will they give into their passion again?  As for the premier couple in town, Victor and Nikki’s flame is reignited while they embark on their new project together.   But sadly, all is not what it seems as the duo gets drawn into a dangerous web that will have serious consequences for their entire family.  With shat do the Newmans get involved?  How will it affect everyone they love?  Watch the details unfold in 2006 on the Young and the Restless.

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