First Looks ~ GL Week of 9-6-04

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Dinah rescues RJ.
Gina Tognoni and Miles Williams

Cassie comforts Tammy.
Laura Wright and Stephanie Gatchet

Dinah gets RJ out of the fire just in time.
Miles Williams and Gina Tognoni

Things are looking pretty serious here.
Bradley Cole (Jeffrey), David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund),
Stephanie Gatchet (Tammy) and Laura Wright (Cassie)

Is Edmund offering words of wisdom or of doom?
David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund), Laura Wright (Cassie)
and Stephanie Gatchet (Tammy).

Are these two reaching a new stage in their relationship?
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) and Crystal Chappell (Olivia)

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus), Beth Ehlers (Harley)
and Daniel Cosgrove (Bill)

Who has the upper hand in this conversation?
Liz Keifer (Blake) and Jerry ver Dorn (Ross)

Breaking bread. Are they bonding?
David Andrew MacDonald (Edmund) and Bradley Cole (Jeffrey)

Sandy and Reva. Why are they smiling?
Scott Bailey and Kim Zimmer

Dinah and Jeffrey
Gina Tognoni and Bradley Cole

Under arrest.
Bradley Cole (Jeffrey) and Gina Tognoni (Dinah)
Who is that cop?
Find out this week on Guiding Light.