First Looks GL Week 11-22-04

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Mandy Bruno (Marina) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny)

Gobble Gobble. Thanksgiving dinner gets under way.

Buzz giving a toast?
Justin Deas (Buzz) and the rest of the clan celebrate the holiday.

Beth Chamberlain (Beth) and Michael O'Leary (Rick)

Justin Deas (Buzz) and Frank Dicopoulos (Frank)

Justin Deas (Buzz), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) and Mandy Bruno (Marina)

Across town, the Spauldings celebrate a bittersweet Thanksgiving without Phillip.

Thanksgiving at The Spauldings

John Driscoll (Coop), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank) and Justing Deas (Buzz)

Marj Dusay (Alexandra) and Ron Raines (Alan)

Beth Ehlers (Harley) and Michael O'Leary (Rick)

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) and Ron Raines (Alan)

Tina Sloan (Lillian), Marj Dusay (Alex), Beth Chamberlain (Beth), Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) and Michael O'Leary (Rick)

Jerry verDorn (Ross) and Liz Keifer (Blake)

This is the end of our Guiding Light First Looks for this week. To see how it all plays out -- tune in to Guiding Light!