Wednesday, January 5, 2000

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As Stuart snoops around Arlene's hotel room, he is shocked to discover Hayley. Later, still unable to fill Stuart in on Arlene's demise, Hayley tears up as she goes into his comforting arms.

In the meantime, Ryan erupts with fury after he nails Leo living extravagantly on the yacht. Later, Gillian passionately defends Tad, and insists that David is undermining Dixie's marriage. Speaking of David, hospital auditors rip apart his office in an effort to unearth incriminating evidence that he is the one who is repsonsible for poisioning the punch bowl.

Back to Ryan who stares puzzled at Leo as Leo launches off into reasons why Ryan should hire him. Later, Stuart touches Hayley as he lovingly assures that all of Arlene's positive attributes are in her. Then, a menacing David clams up as he refuses to involve himself further in Dixie and Tad's marriage when Dixie prods him for informatioin regarding Leslie's attraction to Tad. Meanwhile, Liza helps ship Leslie off as she calls in a favor with a distinguished corporate recruiter.