Tuesday, May 30, 2000

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At the Queen of Hearts diner, Esther panics when Stuart hears Tad's voice call out from outside the trailer. Back in Pine Valley, Vanessa is relieved when Palmer does not elaborate in front of Derek about the new evidence he has obtained that will clear Leo. At the Queen of Hearts, Esther makes sure Tad leaves without becoming suspicious, and then suggests that she and Stuart get married the very next day! Later, Esther's touching words convince a dubious Stuart that they should express what they mean to each other.

In town, Palmer threatens to spill the truth about Paolo's murder and Leo's real father if Vanessa does not cooperate with him. Later, a concerned Dixie tracks Tad down at the Queen of Hearts diner. Meanwhile, Hayley seeks out Elliot and asks him to perform the wedding ceremony between she and Mateo. Then, Scott is stunned and hurt when Becca hesitates in accepting his proposal. On the other side of town, Adrian attempts to convince Tina to remain in Pine Valley. Later, a confused Becca goes to Elliot for counsel about her love life.