Tuesday, May 2, 2000

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Scott tells Marian that he and Becca found signs of Stuart at his cabin and that he should be coming home soon. Stuart asks Esther to show him some photos of their wedding in the hopes that it will jog his memory. Marian prepares for Stuart's return, but her happy world is shattered when Liza arrives with news about the fire. Esther covers about the photos in front of Stuart and encourages him to work on his art. Marian breaks down after Liza hands her Stuart's wedding ring, while Stuart admits to Esther that he does not feel he belongs with her

Meanwhile, Vanessa realizes she accidentally killed Paolo, but opts not to come clean with Derek. Leo accuses Palmer of killing Paolo and Vanessa admits to her son that she knows who the real culprit is. Leo is hurt after Becca leaves his side to comfort Scott. Vanessa goes to steal back her gem from David's room, but winds up trapped when Erica and David unexpectedly settle in for the night