Tuesday, June 20, 2000

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After Adam and Arlene's shocking announcement, Marian urges Liza to forget about Adam. Then, Tad blasts Adam for his selfish behavior and for his ability to hurt those who love him, including (and most importantly), his son, Junior. Later, a drunken Arlene makes a scene at the reception, but Mateo refuses to let her spoil Hayley's day.

Meanwhile, Dimitri arrives at the church and thanks God for bringing him back to Alex. Then, Dixie advises Tad that she accepted a job working with David. For some reason, this comes as a surprise to Tad. Later, Liza takes a swing at Arlene after she makes an inappropriate comment about her wedding night with Adam. Hidden from view, Dimitri is wrecked when Alex and Edmund enter the church and profess their love for each other. Later, a clever Scott makes certain that Leo is removed from the reception and a curious Greenlee follows after she notices Leo getting escorted outside. Then, Greenlee and Leo end up locked in the wine cellar together and decide to make the best of the situation!