Tuesday, July 11, 2000

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Marian questions Liza's decision to make Tad her business partner. Then, Adam addresses the Chandler board and blasts Tad's lack of business experience, but his credibility is undermined when Tad arrives with a drunken Arlene. Tad then proceeds to inform the board of Adam's recent misbehavior and uses his marriage to Arlene as an example of Adam's bad judgement.

On the other side of town, Scott takes the first steps in his devious plan to ruin Leo in Becca's eyes. Then, a jealous Greenlee cuts short Leo's first official date with Becca. Later, Ryan blows off his date with Greenlee after a tearful Gillian arrives at this apartment. Gillian admits to Ryan that she is scared of losing him, and he gently promises that losing him would never happen.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Tina grow closer in the light of their most recent adventure, as Scott shares with Marian his plan to convince Becca that Leo is still up to no good.