Tuesday, January 25, 2000

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Laura prepares for a date with Leo. Later, Greenlee becomes enraged when Leo suggests that she had something to do with Gillian's passing out. In the meantime, Dimitri confronts David with information that he uncovered about David's involvement with the Libidozone.

On the other side of Pine Valley, Eliot surprises Brooke with the news that he is leaving town. Then, the doctor asks Gillian if she could be pregnant. Back to Brooke, who surprises Eliot before he goes. In the meantime, Dimitri promises to destroy the evidence of David's guilt in exchange for information about Alex.

Speaking of Libidozone, the plot thickens when Leslie asks David for some of the Libidozone so that she can once again drug Tad. Meantime, Ryan and Leo receive good news about their investment. Later, posing as Leo's assistant, Greenlee learns that Leo has plans for a date with Laura, and she even finds out what those plans entail.

Back to Leslie who threatens David when he refuses to give her the Libidozone as requested. Later, Jake secretly orders a pregnancy test for Gillian.