Thursday, May 25, 2000

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Greenlee attempts to convince Leo to help her spy on Ryan and Gillian. In Wales, Dimitri blasts Charlotte for lying to him and begs her to let him save Alex and Edmund. But Charlotte assures Dimitri that he cannot save anyone and he blasts her again, this time for being the mastermind behind Dr. Griffith's operation. Meanwhile, Alex rushes off to Bryn Wydd, and manages to find Edmund in the nick of time and the two barely escape before the building explodes! Edmund tells Alex he dreamed he saw Dimitri while he was drugged. Alex decides to take Edmund to pay a visit to her mother, who turns out to be none other than Charlotte!

Back in Pine Valley, Palmer slips Vanessa a mickey that makes her believe that she is having a heart attack. Then, a panicked Vanessa begs Palmer to call David and later overhears Palmer and David discussing the fact that she is going to die. Vanessa asks to see Leo before she passes away, and later admits to Palmer and David that she drugged Paolo and watched him die.