Thursday, July 6, 2000

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Edmund is stunned when Alex chooses to leave with Charlotte rather than believe his story. Meantime, at the Queen of Hearts, Marilyn convinces Stuart to keep Esther busy while she searches the trailer for clues to his past. Back in Pine Valley Edmund begins to suspect that Alex has been drugged, but Alex continues to defend her mother. Then, Dimitri sneaks into David's office to use his computer and collapses after experiencing a sudden pain. Later, David is stunned when he discovers Dimitri and urges him to get help. Meantime, Edmund places a phone call to Adrian, who later pretends to double cross Edmund when he pulls a gun on him.

Back at the Queen of Hearts Diner, Marilyn discovers Adam's name and phone number in the trailer, and when she tells Stuart, he has a vague recollection of knowing someone named Adam.

In Pine Valley, David covers for Dimitri when Erica arrives at his office. David sends her away when he realizes that Dimitri is in trouble. Meanwhile, the love Alex has for Edmund finally breaks through her drug-induced state, and she runs to protect him, but Adrian follows Charlotte's orders to shoot him.

Meanwhile, Becca accepts a date from Leo, while Scott schemes to ruin their budding relationship. Later, Leo refuses to assist Greenlee with her jealousy plan because of his feelings for Becca. However, after a major plea from Greenlee, he does acquiesce and offers his assistance one last time. Across town, Tina learns that Adrian is planning to leave Pine Valley. She rushes to confront him.