Sunday, January 2, 2000

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Ryan and Gillian host the Fourth Annual Crystal Ball. Later, at the ball, Erica is surprised when Bianca arrives on the arm of her uncle Jack. In the meantime, a jealous Greenlee watches as Leo asks Laura to dance. Later, Hayley returns to the scene of her crime, and says a private goodbye to her mother.

Speaking of Hayley, her father surprises Liza with immediate plans for their wedding. Later, David follows Dixie to Gillian's room when she goes to retrieve Gillian's speech. It is here that one thing leads to another, as David and Dixie share yet another passionate kiss!

While elsewhere, when Vanessa questions Hayley about the whereabouts of Arlene, Hayley admits that Arlene is dead. Back to Greenlee who makes a desperate call to Leo to say her "last goodbye." Then, with prompting from Greenlee, tabloid reporter, Donald Steele, questions Erica about Bianca's sexuality.