Saturday, January 22, 2000

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Ryan and Gillian plan a romantic evening on the yacht. Speaking of trying to get the romance going, David attempts to convince Dixie to stay with him after she reveals to him that she is afraid to go home.

In the meantime, Adam becomes angry with Mateo when he alerts Derek to the fact that Arlene may be back in town. Later, Dixie admits to David that Tad was right. She now realizes that she was just looking for an excuse, any excuse, to sleep with him. In a poignant exchange, Junior questions Tad about the problems that he is sensing between Tad and his mother. Finally, Dixie returns home to find Tad packing. She tries to convince him not to move out, but her plea falls on deaf ears. Later, Junior takes matters into his own hands when he goes off to confront David, as Tad, a broken man, moves out of the Martin home.

On the other side of town, another Pine Valley couple, Ryan and Gillian share happier times as they discuss their upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Adam now has new orders for the Private Investigator. Make sure that he never sees Arlene again! Speaking of Arlene, Hayley tells Mateo that she thinks that she heard Arlene calling out to her.