Saturday, January 15, 2000

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David and Dixie's kiss grows more and more passionate and Dixie actually starts to undress him! However, David stops her, admitting that he does not want her to want him only as a way to get back at Tad. Rethinking things, Dixie decides to leave, but becomes emotional and David takes her into his arms to comfort her. Later, David offers Dixie a place to stay when she learns that the Valley Inn is booked solid. David and Dixie then make love.

In the meantime, Tad drags Leslie back to his home and demands that she tells Dixie the truth about her entire charade. Still sticking to her story, Leslie tries to convince Tad that Dixie is with David. However, when she calls David's hotel room, she doesn't get an answer. Meanwhile, Tad decides to call the police and have Leslie arrested, but Leslie turns the tables and tears her blouse before they enter, claiming that Tad was about to rape her! The cops take both Tad and Leslie in for questioning.

While on the other side of Pine Valley, Mateo takes off to look for Arlene after Hayley discovers a mysterious gift in Colby's crib.