Monday, May 29, 2000

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After Marilyn mistakes him for a Justice of the Peace, an amused Tad decides to play along with her mistake. Esther later spots Tad, and creates a diversion in order to remain hidden from his view.

Back in Pine Valley, Dixie asks for Adrian's assistance in bringing Tad home. Meanwhile, Vanessa is stunned when Palmer calls Derek and confesses he has new information about Paolo's murder.

Across the valley in the Queen of Hearts diner, Tad's jig is up. Jinkies! Judd and Marilyn learn that he is not an authentic Justice of the Peace. (He is not even a fake one, but he had fun trying. LOL) Tad, guilty of yet another misdeed, offers to go and apologize to the bride and groom.

Meantime, back in town, Vanessa tells Palmer that she will do anything - ANYTHING -- to keep from going to prison.

Later at the Queen of Hearts, Stuart hears a knock at the trailer door, and comes very close to discovering Tad. Meanwhile, in Pine Valley, poor Marian says a painful and heartfelt goodbye to Stuart. Then, in a surprising move, Leo rebukes Becca's offer of comfort and ends up being painfully honest with her. Later, an unseen Leo looks on as Scott asks Becca to marry him. BADDABING ALERT! Speaking of marriage, the newly betrothed Haley and Mateo ask Tina and Adrian to be part of their wedding party.