Monday, May 15, 2000

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Dixie goes to comfort Tad after watching his on-air breakdown, and runs into David. David is worried about the impact Tad's expose will have on Leo's case.

Meantime, Guy discovers an unconscious Alex on the floor and moves to finish the job. But she suddenly awakens. Edmund arrives and questions Guy, who claims he was merely trying to help Alex. He firmly denies doing anything wrong. Then, Alex tells Edmund about her flashbacks of Guy and stresses that everything he told them about his past was a lie.

Meanwhile, Dixie urges Tad to stay with his family and work through his pain. Later, David asks Leo to give him the chance to prove Vanessa's guilt in the death of Paolo. On the other side of Pine Valley, Ryan and Gillian end up accidentally trapped together, but Ryan continues to resist his attraction towards her.