Monday, July 10, 2000

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Dimitri tries to explain to Dixie why his friends and family can never know that he is alive. Then, Charlotte comes clean with Alex and tells her the truth about her past and Anna Devane. Alex is NOT Anna. But her twin sister! Meantime, David informs Dimitri that he needs to be admitted to the hospital, but a concerned Dimitri rushes off to save Alex instead.

Across Pine Valley, Ryan and Gillian run into each other at their special meeting place, and are unable to resist their feelings. SIZZLE ALERT! Then, Eugenia finds an unconscious body on the grounds at Wildwind, and calls Ryan for help. The cry for help from Eugenia interrupts Ryan and Gillian's moment of passion. Later, Joe arrives at Wildwind and catches Ryan and Gillian off guard.

Meanwhile, Adrian and Tina find themselves in some trouble and after a close call, they are able to free themselves from a very dangerous situation. Then, Edmund arrives to help Alex and the two of them manage to overpower Charlotte. Later, a relieved Alex and Edmund watch as Charlotte is carted away by the police. Then, an overwhelmed (and heartbroken?) Dimitri watches a safe and sound Alex in the arms of his brother.