Monday, April 10, 2000

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Adam tells a nervous Liza he understands the real reason she renewed their relationship.

Erica nearly catches Paolo in a compromising position with Vanessa.

Tad must cover when Dixie catches him with Liza. But Tad is unable to continue to handle his guilt and admits to Dixie that he and Liza are working together.

Liza is startled when Adam returns to Pine Valley and promises he will change into the person she needs him to be. Liza informs Adam that she set up a board meeting where Stuart will admit that he gave away the money. Meanwhile, Marian manages to spirit Stuart out of town.

Leo is hit hard when Becca reassures Scott that she and Leo are merely friends.

Paolo makes plans to bilk Vanessa out of a large amount of money, while Palmer promises to try to be more accepting of Vanessa's family.