Friday, May 26, 2000

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Stuart balks at Esther's suggestion that they get married at the diner. Back in town, Vanessa tries to backpedal after she realizes Leo overheard her confession. Then, Erica attempts to comfort Leo, but he merely blasts her for helping David destroy his relationship with Vanessa.

Back at the diner, Stuart finally agrees to marry Esther, who busily starts making plans with Marilyn. Meanwhile, Palmer refuses to turn over Vanessa's damning confession to David and later confronts his wife about her affair with Paolo.

Across town, Arlene overhears Liza vow to get Adam back. Then, Tad stumbles into Judd's diner, and is invited to stay for a wedding later that afternoon. Meanwhile, Eliot assures Brooke that she can open up to him any time she wants.