Friday, May 12, 2000

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Greenlee and Leo once again give into their attraction and make love! Later, Guy decides to sabotage the fuse box outside the hunting lodge and make it look like Alex was accidentally electrocuted. Meanwhile, Liza admits to Adam that she misjudged him and begs for his forgiveness. Then, Greenlee asks Tad to make a cause for Leo's innocence on his show. Later, Tad decides to confront Derek on live television over the evidence he has against Leo

Meanwhile, Adam tells Liza he cannot forgive her and presents her with signed divorce papers! Then, Alex tells Edmund about her memory of Guy, and Edmund goes off to confront him. Later, Tad discovers Stuart's coat at the police station, and breaks down on television over his guilt. Dimitri frantically sends a message to warn Edmund, while Alex ventures outside after the lights suddenly flicker at the lodge