Friday, July 14, 2000

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After listening to Marilyn's story, Arlene tells her that she will come to the diner and check out Stuart for herself. Later, Arlene lies to Adam about the phone call with Marilyn, and does not mention anything about Stuart.

Across town Edmund tells Dimitri that it is time for him to come clean with his friends and family, but Dimitri insists that he must stay dead to everyone.

At the Queen of Hearts Diner, Arlene arrives and is shocked to realize that Stuart is alive! Meanwhile, Stuart hears Arlene's voice and flashes back to the night of the accident.

Back in Pine Valley, the Martins are devastated when they realize that Jake is missing. Gillian comes to the conclusion that she must continue to keep quiet about her feelings for Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan admits to Greenlee that he does not love her, and knows about her scam as Cynthia. Ryan later reaches out to comfort Gillian, while Greenlee vows that she will never give up on Ryan.