All My Children Episode Recap, Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Greenlee asks Natalia to help her find out about the other driver that was involved in her accident and both women are surprised to discover that the official report has been sealed.  While searching through Erica’s computer files, Greenlee and Natalia discover a photo of Kendall on a yacht and manage to determine the ship’s name. 

Later, David’s suspicious when Greenlee suddenly agrees to stay away from his trial.  Greenlee tells Liza she needs to go out of town for a while.  Fearing Greenlee has tracked Kendall down, Erica charters a jet to try and beat her there.  Colby points out the flaws in JR’s plan to seduce Annie in order to get Adam to dump her. 

Thinking of her late daughter Laura, Brooke becomes emotional after Damon admits he was sending a text message when he caused the accident.  As she leaves for Washington with JR, Annie’s unaware that Adam plans on moving Brooke back to the mansion to recuperate.  Krystal berates David for not making more of an effort with Marissa.