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Home All My Children All My Children Episode Recap, Thursday, September 22, 2011

All My Children Episode Recap, Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children)Erica and Jackson have returned home where Erica expresses her disbelief that her daughters' lives would be disrupted by the publication of her book. Sure, some intimate moments of their lives have been revealed, but it's all in relation to hers! Kit arrives with the announcement that Monk Delano is ready to write the screenplay with Erica's help. The catch: Erica has to live in his guest house for three months. Starting today. Jackson is clearly not thrilled about this and Erica clearly wants to postpone the wedding and go. Erica can't understand why Jackson is not as thrilled. Jackson accuses Erica of being more comfortable with taking chances than feeling safe and settled. There always seems to be something more important than them and he doesn't want to live that way anymore.

JR arrives at the Martin Compound where he sadly tells Dixie and Tad that Babe is not alive. Tad is confused; if it wasn't Babe in the lab with Dixie, then who was it? When JR says he feels like he lost Babe all over again, Dixie asks for a moment alone with her son. JR says he is so tired of fighting and losing. He wants to leave town. Dixie tries to convince JR that his life doesn't look as hopeless as he perceives it to be, but she can't stop JR from leaving. But she does help JR see AJ before he goes. Dixie asks Krystal to bring AJ over under the guise of spending time with his grandma. Krystal reminds Dixie about JR's restraining order, which Dixie promptly breaks as soon as Krystal leaves. AJ is a little scared to see his dad, but when he learns JR is leaving town, he begins to cry. JR assures the boy that he can call him anytime. Later Dixie tries to talk to JR, but they are interrupted by the news that Stuart is alive. JR slips outside to look at his gun as he mutters this will take care of everything.

Adam and Brooke arrive at the hospital, thinking they were called in because JR hurt himself. However they are stunned when they see Stuart. Angie assures Adam that David will save his brother; after all, he restored Angie's sight! Together with Brooke, Jesse, Angie and Cara, Adam watches as David tells Griffin that they must save Stuart. He didn't work so hard just to lose the heart and soul of Pine Valley!

At Casa Slater the BBQ continues. Marissa is still shaken from JR's impromptu visit. Greenlee makes a toast to the Slater's and gifts them with a surprise trip to Manhattan. (Marissa and Bianca are taking the boys.) As Kendall and Zach relish the prospect of some sexy time, Erica arrives, upset that Jackson isn't being as supportive as she wants him to be. Unfortunately, Kendall and Bianca are on Jackson's side. Maybe for once Erica can do what Jackson wants. Erica fumes; she refuses to settle for anything less than her dreams! Kendall wants Erica to do what she wants to do, but begs her to be honest about her reasons. Later Kendall and Bianca head upstairs to help the kids pack as Zach and Erica share a tender moment. They agree that dreams count. He urges Erica to never change.

Madison and Scott take a break from home essential shopping (e.g., bathmats, photo frames, etc.) in the park where Scott says it feels good to have the Gate House finished. He remembers the time Stuart telling him that it's not always about coming in first. Sometimes it's just about finishing. When Madison says shopping together feels like old times, Scott admits how happy he was when they lived together. Will Madison consider moving back in with him? Madison admits her favorite sound is still Scott's key in the door. Yes, she will move back in with him! As Scott kisses Madison, he gets a very shocking text.

Greenlee and Ryan are also are the park where they bask in their relatively drama-free lives. Ryan admits he feels peaceful for the first time in a long time. He spent so much time running away from his abusive father ... Greenlee thinks their running days are over. She leans against Ryan's shoulder and wonders if life could get better than this. Ryan doesn't know, but it will be fun to find out! Later Ryan reveals he has a surprise for Greenlee; tickets to the circus!

Tad arrives at the hospital where Cara tells him that Stuart is alive, but it's touch and go right now. Cara has absolute faith in David; he gives people new life! After all, she is pregnant. Before Tad can lecture Cara, Cara asks if Tad thinks she will make a good mother. Tad smiles. He will bet thirty years of his life on it!

Meanwhile Stuart flat lines. As David and Griffin try to revive him, Angie grabs Adam and brings him into the room. She says that Adam can give Stuart something that David can't. Adam touches Stuart's hand and says he's here as we get a montage of beautiful moments between the twin brothers. Stuart hears Adam urging him to come back and opens his eyes as his heart starts beating again. Everyone bursts into tears of joy, including David as Stuart looks at Adam and whispers his name.

Scott and Madison run in. Scott takes Brooke's hand. Is it true? Is Dad alive? Angie urges Scott to see for himself. Scott enters the room and takes Stuart's hand as Stuart's eyes well with tears. Stuart struggles to say Scott's name as he tries to make sense of what is happening. In the hall, Angie tells David how proud she is of him as David marvels that Angie knew exactly what Stuart needed. (They make a great team, don't they?) Jesse regretfully takes David back to jail as David gives Angie his stethoscope. Brooke tells Adam that he saved Stuart. Adam shakes his head; no, Stuart saved him. Later Adam goes in to sit with Stuart and update him on the last two years. He confesses that he was the one who shot Stuart. Stuart tells Adam there is nothing to apologize for, which causes Adam to break down. Meanwhile Scott goes to see Marian in the psych ward where she has been living since Oak Haven burned down. He tells her that Stuart is still alive.

Tad catches up with Griffin as Cara congratulates David on saving Stuart. Tad asks Griffin if there was another patient in David's lab. Griffin shakes his head. Stuart was the only one there.

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