All My Children Episode Recap, Monday, February 1, 2010

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Jill Larson (Opal, All My Children)Opal tells Jake and Amanda that she had a premonition that David is headed back to town. Tad later calls Jake to warn him that he thought he caught a glimpse of David outside of Confusion.

While on the other side of the Valley, Erica takes the bull by the horns and publicly declares that she and Ryan are involved. Back at Wildwind, it turns out that David has indeed returned and it doesn't take him long to lets Greenlee know - albeit

reluctantly --that Ryan is seeing someone but doesn't mention Erica. Greenlee hides when Tad and Jake appear at David's door demanding to know why he's back in town. After sneaking out while David deals with Tad and Jake, Greenlee makes her way to Ryan's penthouse, where she gets an eyeful. She catches Ryan and and Erica in the throes of passion.

In other couples' developments, Tad and Liza agree that their relationship is in a good place.

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