Sneak Peeks Week of May 29, 2006

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Ryan and Zach team up this week. Why are these unlikely allies working together? Since Ryan’s come over to Zach’s side, the duo set out to do what’s best for Kendall. But what is that exactly? Will they achieve what they set out to do? We certainly hope so, but Ryan has someone else’s future on his mind as well. Who could that be? His unborn child of course, but will Spike make it through this ordeal?

Meanwhile, Erica has her own life to worry about as she finds her fate resting in someone else’s hands. Who could possibly be responsible for her future? Unfortunately for La Kane it’s the one person she hates the most—Greg Madden. But how has she gotten into this situation? What does he have planned for the mother of his son?

Speaking of Dr. Madden, Tad and Dixie find themselves on the receiving end of his manipulations yet again. What does Greg do this week to the estranged couple? Does it have anything to do with Kate? We’re betting yes.

Elsewhere, JR finally takes responsibility for his mistakes. What’s that?! Is he truly ready to face up to all of his evil deeds? If he does, what will that mean for the misguided Chandler? Find out if JR really has what it takes to face the music or is he just up to more of his old tricks? Find out this week on All My Children.