Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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Zach continues his mission to give Kendall what she wants. How far will he go? Probably to great extremes considering how Ryan and Erica feel about it, but what will that entail? Whatever it is, he might just have to give up his own life to protect his wife. What exactly does that mean? Furthermore, will it all be worth it?

As for the father of Kendall’s baby, Ryan gets some advice regarding his feelings. Who makes him face the truth where his true emotions for Kendall are concerned? Meantime, in a little gift for all you Pine Valley devotees, Bianca returns and forces Ryan to admit how he feels about the lady in question. How does she do that and just what realization will he come to?

Elsewhere, Dixie finally reveals the truth to Tad. Does she spill all the beans? Apparently, she lets him know what happened to Kate. Does this mean Tad finally gets the whole truth regarding his baby and his wife’s four-year disappearance? It looks that way, but how will he take her confession? Will Tad accept the decisions she’s made or rail against her for them? You are definitely not gonna want to miss what Dixie has to say, so no flipping this week on All My Children.