Sneak Peeks Week of May 15, 2006

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Now that Dixie knows what Greg did to Erica, what will she do with that information? We’re not sure, but it looks like Erica realizes Dix is on to her. Just how does Erica find out and how will she react to this revelation? Will Dixie in turn let La Kane in on her own dark past with Dr. Madden?

Elsewhere, Babe blows the whistle on JR. Does she really turn her husband in for almost killing Kendall? It certainly seems that way, but how will JR explain himself? Will he tell his bride he was actually trying to kill her or will he spin another lie? More importantly, will he pay for what he’s done? Can’t say for sure, but Dixie certainly wants JR to own up to the attempted murder. Will he listen to his mother and fess up to his evil deed?

As for Babe, she teams up with Zach to give Kendall what she wants. What is that exactly? How will they accomplish it? Don’t know, but it certainly seems as if Zach isn’t giving up without a fight. How far will he go to fulfill his wife’s wishes? Find out Kendall’s fate first hand this week on All My Children.