Sneak Peeks: Week of April 17, 2006

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{mosimage}Dixie’s presence is starting to become common knowledge as another Pine Valley resident finds out she’s alive. Who’s next to discover her? We’ll let you find that out for yourself, but we will tell you that not everyone is exactly thrilled she’s returned from the dead. Who could possibly be upset that she’s back? Since she’s deceived everyone who loves her, the list is pretty endless. Speaking of Dixie, her ex is none too pleased with either sister and heads straight to Di for some answers. What choice words does Tad have for his fiancé regarding her lies about Dixie? How will Di explain her actions? Will Dixie come to Di’s defense? After all, Di was honoring Dixie’s wishes to keep her presence a secret. Will Dixie do the right thing where her half-sister is concerned? At the same time, Jamie and JR have had it with David. This isn’t exactly news, but what’s got them so riled up this time? More importantly, what are they going to do about it? In other parts of Pine Valley, it seems that Kendall is missing. What’s happened? We don’t exactly know, but Ryan and Zach are desperate to find her. Why are they so anxious to track her down? Is she in danger? Is the nefarious Dr. Madden somehow involved? You’re not gonna want to miss all the excitement, so keep your eyes and remote glued to All My Children this week.