All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of October 20, 2008

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The tornado has blown into and out of Pine Valley and has left destruction and tragedy in its wake. As the week begins, Kendall fights for her life at the hospital. Things will only get worse when Jake has dire news about Kendall, and later warns Zach that time is running out for her. Will she make it through this?

At the same time, JR is also in a difficult situation when he is forced to make an impossible decision. Does it have to do with Babe? Little A?

Meanwhile, Bianca is back and is full of unexpected surprises. What does she have up her sleeve? Whatever it might be, thankfully Zach takes a moment from being there to root for his wife, Kendall, to come through for her sister, Bianca. What has Bianca asked of Zach?

While on the other side of Pine Valley, could it have been the tornado that gives Jesse cause to rethink the way he’s conducting his life these days? Either way, he decides to step up and come clean. He shocks Angie with the truth about Natalia. Then, it’s not long before Angie has surprising news for Frankie. Does it have to do with the fact that Franklin has a half-sister?

Shortly thereafter, Emma remains missing and Ryan and Annie are desperate to find her. Do they succeed? Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.

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