All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 9-27-10

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Jacob Young (JR, AMC)Fingers are being pointed at numerous Pine Valley citizens, each suspected of killing David. This week, someone has to ask the person they love if they committed the murder. How will the person in question respond? Later, Kendall's worried about Greenlee's murder charges and snaps at her to focus on clearing herself instead of obsessing over Ryan's well being. Will she take her friend's advice?

On the other side of town, JR does some background investigation on Asher. After getting some information on his new right-hand man, he realizes Asher is closer to the family than he thought and confronts him on his true identity. Who exactly is "the real Asher," and will JR continue working with him? Meanwhile, Colby takes note of their relationship and worries about Asher's involvement with her brother. Will she figure out what they're up to?

In other happenings, Bianca calls Caleb out on missing Erica. Will he cop to having "a thing" for her? Elsewhere, Natalia decides to take the lead and asks Brot out on a date. Will he accept? Also, Madison reassures Randi that Frankie is just a friend. Is she buying what Miss North is selling? All this, plus Caleb tells Krystal he will help Marissa fight JR for full custody of AJ. How will JR react when he catches wind of the news? Watch all the drama unfold this week on All My Children.

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