All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 9-20-10

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Michael Nouri (Caleb, AMC)The town is on high alert post David's death and people are beginning to realize who the murderer maybe. Is it a case of one of Pine Valley's upstanding citizens gone bad? That we aren't sure of, but we do know that Jesse finds some possible evidence in a secret drawer. What does he discover and what role does it play in the murder mystery? Meanwhile, Tad asks Liza to help push up Kendall's court date. Will she agree to his request?

Elsewhere, Madison's in turmoil and asks Frankie for advice about how to deal with her situation. Of course, Frankie and Madison's closeness has Randi none too happy, prompting her to tell Madison not to let her husband rescue her anymore. What excuse will Madison come up with this time? Later, Frankie lets Randi know she's the one he wants by suggesting they have a baby. Like that will make everything better? Will Randi be on board?

As the week comes to a close, Asher bashes Caleb over the head with a piece of wood. After coming to, will Caleb remember what went down? Also violent, Marissa trashes someone's room. Who's the unlucky recipient? Finally, frustration grows for one of the PVH doctors. Is Angie's determination to continue working proving to cause more harm than good. Keep your eyes peeled to All My Children to find out.

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