All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 9-13-10

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Brittany Allen (Marissa, AMC)It's a bittersweet day for the residents of Pine Valley as they gather to attend David's funeral. The evil doctor is dead, but what's the culprit? Well, the autopsy results reveal the cause of death as being that of poison. With that being answered, the obvious next—and perhaps bigger—question is: Who dunnit?


A lot of things went down that fateful night and the suspect list is a mile long, including Angie, Kendall, and Ryan. During investigation, a vial is found inside someone's jacket pocket. Who's the unlucky owner? Meanwhile, Madison suggests someone in particular may be the murderer. Who does she point the finger at? Things only get more intense when someone comes clean to Kendall and Bianca about his or her misdeeds. What news is spilled and what will the Kane sisters do with the information?

In other happenings, a doctor's job at the hospital is in jeopardy. Could Angie soon find herself not only without her eyesight, but without a job as well? Also, while Bianca and Amanda discuss the departed, Marissa tries to help a child in need. Plus, Krystal questions Caleb about the nature of his relationship with Erica. Will Krystal find herself vying for his affections? Only one way to find out—tune into All My Children to find out.

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