All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 8-30-10

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Vincent Irizarry (David, AMC)Madison is not having a good time of things. Her circumstances are truly beginning to take their toll. This week she is actually getting visibly upset about it all. Enter David, who just has to know why Madison is so out of sorts. Will she confide in him?

Speaking of the devious doctor Dave, he actually has a stroke of conscious this week when he considers destroying the evidence he has against Greenlee. What causes his change of heart? More importantly, will he go through with it?

At the same time, tempers flare between the Chandler cousins. Scott and JR's argument escalates. Do they come to blows? If they do, it's not that drastic because JR is no worse for the wear. In fact, he soon teams up with Marissa to break the news about the divorce to AJ. Will the youngster feel betrayed and act out? Meantime, it's not long before Asher asks JR for a job. Is JR hiring?

While in some recreational developments, Caleb asks Krystal to attend Palmer's party with him. Will Krystal accept the invite? If she does, how will some of Pine Valley's other denizens feel about her and Caleb? Like Erica for example, or Tad?

On the other side of the valley, Angie suffers another visual orientation attack. Does her site return again this time? At the same time, another Pine Valleyite is rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately for Bianca, it's her daughter. Why has Miranda taken ill? Is it very serious?

As Miranda is tended to at PVG, Greenlee makes a surprising discovery. What does she uncover? Could it be the key that Liza gave David? Whatever she finds, it's just the catalyst that makes Greens and Ryan start to map out their plan. What kind of scheme do they concoct this time? Will David be exposed at last? Tune in to All My Children this week and see.

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