All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 8-23-10

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Jacob Young (JR, AMC)What's the best way to mend a broken heart? By having sex with another guy, of course. Marissa hips JR to her bed romp with Scott, and after, wants JR to admit he doesn't truly love her. Now that they've both slept with others, will they call it even, or call it quits on their relationship? Meanwhile, Scott makes his own confession to Annie about sleeping with Marissa. Will she go through with her marriage to him after learning the news?

Also dealing with relationship woes, Greenlee's not exactly in marital bliss with David and Ryan promises to help her. What plan does he have in the works? Speaking of David, he takes time out from his dastardly deeds and tries to comfort Marissa. Later, Angie admits her medical condition to him. Will he lend a sympathetic ear to her, or use her weakness to his advantage?

Rounding out the week, Kendall bonds with her baby sis when she opens up to Bianca. What information does she share? Also, Asher covers for Damon and takes the blame for denting Tad's car. Will him taking the wrap have more consequences than he expected? Stay tuned to All My Children this week to find out.

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