All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 8-2-10

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Debbi Morgan (Angie, AMC)So far, Jake's been Angie's only confidante regarding her impending eyesight loss. That changes when she finally tells Jesse about her vision condition. How will he respond to the fact that she's choosing not to take medication for the condition in order to protect their baby? Later, Angie puts aside her own problems when she makes a plea for Jesse. Can she convince the mayor to reinstate him to the force?

Speaking of medication, Liza comes clean to Tad about how she switched his son's medication with placebos. Will this be the final straw for Tad? Not only will she have it out with him, but she'll also face off with her daughter, thanks to Colby finding out about her trying to seduce Damon. It's looking like Liza is her own worst enemy.

Elsewhere, Greenlee's fed up with David's games and is secretly working to bring him down, but can she outsmart her husband before he figures out what she's up to? Well, the jig might be up sooner than later when Greenlee goes through David's stuff and is caught. Is it the end of the line for her?

By the end of the week, Ryan goes back to the hospital. No doubt, Greenlee will be there by his side. Also, Annie tells JR her divorce to Adam was necessary, and Marissa accepts Caleb's work offer. What will JR have to say about her working with the enemy? Don't touch that remote. Keep it glued to All My Children all week to find out.

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