All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 8-16-10

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Thorsten Kaye (Zack, AMC)Hallelujah! The hotness that is Zack Slater finally returns to Pine Valley! With him and Kendall back, David hits them with questions as to why they returned. Is that really any of his business? Busy mixing it up with David, Kendall's unaware when Ryan leaves the hospital against her wishes.

While Ryan checks out of the hospital, Angie's checking in, accompanied by Jesse, to have her sonogram appointment. Elsewhere, Frankie opens up to Madison about what's happening with Angie. Will Randi have a problem with that? Later, Jake talks with Amanda about Angie's plan to have him take over as Chief of Staff. Will Amanda convince Jake to go for it?

It's Chandler v. Chandler when JR calls Scott out on being a thief. After, Annie asks JR to burn the proof that Scott stole Palmer's idea. Will his love for Annie prompt him to abide by her wishes? Of course, he also claims to love Marissa, whom he tries to convince not to leave him. Will she continue to hang on to him like the idiot she is? Also, Damon and Colby offer Asher some cash. What does he plan to do with the dough? Only one way to find out—stay tuned all week to All My Children.

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