All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 2-7-11

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Walt Willey (Jackson, AMC)Guess what? You're going to be treated to another encore episode this week. Yup. On Friday. The encore is all about Erica and Jack's Florida wedding back in 2005. But first things first! As things kick off on Monday in Pine Valley, it's not looking good for Kendall. Her life literally hangs in the balance. Will she pull through?

Meanwhile, as Kendall fights to stay alive, Colby is cuffed to a table at the cottage. Who has Colby under l ock and key? Will she escape, or does someone come to her rescue before it's too late? All we know is this -- Annie covers the truth with lies. Shortly thereafter, JR finds out from Asher that Annie was holding Colby hostage. But why?

As one of Pine Valley's sociopaths – Annie – deals with her current situation, another -- David --feels confident freedom is right around the corner. Could Erica have something to do with that? We are not one hundred percent sure, but we do know that Jackson flips out on Erica when he learns about the meeting she set up for David. Why is Erica suddenly in David's corner? Or is she? Shortly thereafter, Tad becomes protective of Liza when David offers to buy her a drink. Will the David/Tad peacock feathers start to fly again sooner than later?

Then, it appears that Amanda's marriage could be at risk when Cara admits to Jake that she still loves him. Is Jake truly over Cara?

Finally, it looks like Scott is putting the screws to Madison when he gives her an ultimatum. He tells her that she has one more chance to tell Ryan about the pregnancy. Or what? He will tell Ryan himself? Lot's going down in Pine Valley this week. Tune in to All My Children every day not to miss a minute.