All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 2-14-11

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Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC)Poor Annie. We have watched her spiral out of control on a number of occasions. Then she seems to return to some sense of normalcy, until something new drives her over the edge. This week is no different as we see her reach her final breaking point. Will JR be there to save her this time, or does he let her wallow in her own insanity?

Meanwhile, the truth comes out just as Ryan and Greenlee are about to walk down the aisle. As you can imagine, Ryan is shocked to learn Madison is pregnant. Will Ryan and Greenlee be pronounced husband and wife? We can't spill all the beans, but we are at liberty to share this. Before mid week, Emma goes missing and when Ryan finds out, he totally freaks! Will he be able to pull it together fast enough to be of help in rescuing his daughter?

On the other side of the Valley, David tells Liza he has turned over a new leaf. Heard that before, right? Does David really mean it this time?

Shortly thereafter, and in some romantic developments fitting Valentine's week, Asher tries to pursue Colby but she makes things difficult. Is she only playing hard to get because she really likes him? Later, Asher gets an invitation to move in with his dad. Turns out that Caleb hopes to get closer to his son and the live in arrangement could be just the ticket. Will Asher agree to live with pops?

Speaking of Pine Valley's couples, it is not looking good for Bianca and Reese. Could their relationship truly be over? Then, it's not long before Cara confronts Griffin about his feelings for Kendall. Will Griffin open up to his sister? One way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week.