All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 10-25-10

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Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC)Pointing the finger at himself, Ryan tells Madison that he might have actually killed David. Will she think he's covering for Greenlee? It's quite obvious that there's still a spark between Ryan and Greenlee, but will Madison officially break things off with him after he confesses his love for Greenlee on the stand?

It all proves to be a little too much for Madison, who gets advice from Annie on relationships. Seriously, Madison? Annie? She might as well seek out Janet from Another Planet while she's at it. Meanwhile, Greenlee's

ready to ditch Jackson as her lawyer, but realizes she can't fire him. Will she muster up renewed faith in dear old dad?

Finally, Zach and Kendall hit a snag in their relationship when he tells his wife he must stay away to keep her safe. What trouble has he gotten into that could cause them danger? Kendall, however, wants to be there for Zach and calls him out on having difficulty letting her in. Will he open up to her about his situation? Keep your eyes peeled to All My Children to find out.

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